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  1. While it's true that it's usually possible to pay for only the time you're abroad the insurance company might not pay for you if you cannot prove that you've completed your journey. That's what my provider told me when I needed health insurance for a month last winter. That seems to be the standard for travel insurance. I'd recommend going with one of Takeruk's options. And being able to visit your friends and family for thanksgiving doesn't sound like a bad trade off to me
  2. When it comes to the gre it's not so much a matter of wanting to do it but rather having to do it. I think you will have to check with the universities you're planning to apply to. In their application guidelines they will tell you if the gre is required or not. In my experience it is required for most American post graduate degrees and your application would not be considered without it. But I'm sure there are exceptions to this rule.
  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles! It sounds like you have had an awful year both personally and professionally and I don't think you have to feel bad about feeling bad. If you know what I mean. But, of course, it is essential to get better and make sure that you'll be back on your feet sooner rather than later. To me it seems that the department you're at is at the centre of your self-doubt and panic and it may be a good idea to get away from that place. I'm not suggesting that everyone there has bad intentions but it seems as though it is not the environment in which you are able
  4. Your GPA in your masters was better and you said you're about to do another masters where you you will surely be just as good or even better. So there will likely be a strong upwards trend and universities you'll apply to will see that as a positive thing. So don't be ashamed but work with your strength and focus on what you're doing well. As a side note - you loose nothing by applying.. Sure, it's a lot of work, time and effort but NOT applying definitely decreases your chances of attending. To about zero
  5. This may be too late already but if not I'll be happy to proofread the draft for you
  6. I received a message yesterday that the issues have been resolved so everthing should be back to normal. Hopefully you'll be notified and able to pick up your visa within the next couple of days.
  7. Hamburg is a pretty amazing city! Big enough to be diverse but small enough to get around easily. For housing I'd recommend looking for a flat share. The university might have a website to help you with that. Alternatively, there are usually ads on campus - but that would require you to Gethere already. Generally, it's not as easy to find your own place as it may be in other countries because things often move a bit slower. Unless you're able to take over somebody else's lease that is! But there are usually plenty of people looking for flatmates especially in autumn. And you could also ch
  8. ... By reading journal articles, book chapters, relevant magazines, blogs, by watching documentaries or other relevant shows as well as by talking to people. Basically, you immerse yourself in the general topic in order to find out about gaps in the literature by critically reading, observing and listening
  9. The official statement was that it takes 5 to 7 working days if there are no further documents required. I don't know if it depends on the location as well but where I am a person I know who's working for the embassy told me I should be able to pick it up within 3 days even. There are no guarantees, obviously... Do you think the price will change drastically if you wait until after the interview? I have a few days more than you do but have decided to wait for now. Shinigamiasuka, I am really sorry to hear that! Do you need to provide more information? I take it you'll reapply?
  10. It's a world-wide issue. I was supposed to have my interview last week but had to reschedule to a date at the end of July due to what TakeruK explained already. It's been going on for over a week now and I was hoping the issue would be resolved over the weekend but no such luck... I understand your anxiety. I'm a bit nervous as well, though there is still some time left before I'm supposed to fly out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all of this will be dealt with soon and won't cause any of us too much trouble! I feel for those travelers out there who were supposed to go right now...
  11. I'm not sure what particular information on are looking for. The UK and US have two different systems of applying. 1. Read about programmes at different universities to see which ones are suitable for you (research interests, fit, funding...) 2. Read the application guidelines at the universities you want to apply to 3. Work on applications and ask for help if you have SPECSPECIFIC questions
  12. Oh! Sorry for the wrong information. The last time I had to do it it was valid longer. Or perhaps the organization didn't care...
  13. Toefl or GRE scores are valid for 5 years. So you'll be fine. Check on the ETS website to be 100% certain. As for retaking the test - only you know what your scores are and if you'll need to do it again in order to meet the requirements for your different schools. Just check because these can differ!
  14. I have not completed a PhD in Europe but my undergrad as well Masters education has all been completed there. Here is what I do know. 1. You said you just finished you undergrad in maths. In Europe it is a LOT less common to go from BA/BSc straight into a PhD program. You may want to look into different Masters programs in your field just in case. I do know that going straight to a PhD is possible if you finished your Bachelors with a research project but doing a Masters first is really a lot more common. 2. Because the majority of PhD students in Europe has already completed a Masters
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