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  1. Hi. That will be me. I heard from Stanford last night to set an interview. Stanford is also my number 1 school and the only one I have heard from so far. While excited, I am also super anxious for the interview. I think JHU take some time since they had extended the deadline to 15th Jan. Wish you the best.
  2. It's from gradcafe's "Results" tab. Not on the Berkeley website
  3. Could someone claim the Berkeley interview? Maybe also let us know how you were contacted.
  4. Hi Guys. I've been working for some time on my application. My only problem, and probably a big one, has been contacting POI's. I haven't heard back from anyone I contacted. Should this be a deal-breaker? Instead of contacting POI's I feel like I should be focusing more on the statements of purpose and personal history. Being an international student I don't know if not getting in touch with a POI translates into already out of the race.
  5. Hey, have you got a reply yet. I asked them previously and they said I'll get soon. And it's been quite some time so I sent another email. Haven't heard from them since
  6. Has anyone here applied to Western's Theory and Criticism? Has anyone received a response yet?
  7. Just checked the website, got admitted to York's social and political thought. Excited
  8. I'm also more into critical theory/continental philosophy, do you think York should be my top priority school? Are there other programmes in Canada that compare to it... I've applied to Western's Theory and Criticism and Victoria's Political Science (CSPT concentration) as well.. I am though particularly inclined towards post-colonial theory. (Again, I'm an international student so.. )
  9. I'm an international student. I've applied to York, Western and Victoria. Still am to hear from any program. Freaking out.....
  10. How much time do you think they'll be available if we just wait them out. (Applied for an MA)
  11. I got an interim review too. What do you think this is supposed to mean?
  12. I applied to York (MA-Social and Political Thought), Western (MA- Theory and Criticism), and Victoria (Political Science). Waiting.. waiting.. waiting
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