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  1. ih82w8

    Disability Studies

    Can I ask when she applied and did she reject the offer due to lack of funds or did they say they couldnt take any Americans? York accepted me today, but when I contacted the department they said they had no funding for international students, which seemed odd based on their website's offer of funding.
  2. ih82w8

    SSRHC 2017/2018 - CGS-M

    Did you see this on the portal?
  3. ih82w8

    2017 Applications Thread

    Thanks for letting me know, it saves me having to read 26 pages or so. Yeah, I checked, but there doesn't seem to be anything in results besides a waitlist at Ryerson. The program is split between the two universities, so I thought it possibly meant York's side went out too. But looks like no.
  4. ih82w8

    2017 Applications Thread

    Anyone applied to or heard from Comm and Culture at York?
  5. yeah, so she seemed to think we'd find out tomorrow or next week! No prob!
  6. I just called and they said that international students haven't received offers yet? They said that intl offers will go out next week probably. So hope is renewed???
  7. well that's one way to let us know...I'm sure ur app was great tho, I'm sorry they didn't appreciate it!
  8. Nope - not since i checked last Friday. Yeah, their spring break goes until tomorrow, but typically staff/faculty don't get break off just because students do (beyond not having classes). Hope they email you soon.
  9. I was actually just gonna ask if you'd heard anything. Hopefully this week - but I know it's their spring break so maybe some prof's are away? edit: im appleandpear but forgot i had made another account at my work lmao
  10. Anyone applying to any programs? I applied to CDS at York, and am anxiously awaiting to hear back.

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