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  1. Got my ranking letter, I ranked 17/47 (and was rejected). Seems the success rate of applications is lower this year than recent years.
  2. Didn't get it either, results were on extranet on the 27th, but I didn't get an email and only checked today. Luckily I got another post doc offer a bit earlier, so I'm still feeling OK I hope we get our ranking details soon (mine is for committee 177). I didn't get any information beyond them saying I didn't get it.
  3. Can't you enter Canada if you already have a student visa?
  4. I'm in California - both my stipend and fellowship amounts are taxed at the same rate federally. I believe California does not tax the fellowship, but does tax the stipend.
  5. If you are very confident that the shelter would look after her well, it is not the worst option, since you've said they're a no-kill shelter. But you might be able to find a better local rescue, perhaps ones that specialize in senior cats or those with medical issues. Even if the shelter is no-kill, a cat with health problems may be there for a very long time. Some rescues have better environments than shelters. However, given that you say that the issues may be behavioral, I would probably take her with me and see - it's my attitude that getting a pet is a commitment for life (but if yo
  6. I adopted a somewhat old cat 2 years into my PhD (she was around 6). There's the obvious things to worry about: finding housing that accommodates pets, including roommates that you trust with your pet, and necessities such as food, litter, toys, etc. But you should also consider pet insurance, especially if you plan on adopting an older animal (which I think is a good idea, as younger cats require a lot more play time. I wouldn't ever consider a kitten as a graduate student.) Pet insurance does not cover routine costs, but is totally worth it for the unexpected emergencies - and older cats wil
  7. It means you weren't ranked high enough to be in the first round of CGS-D offers. If you are ranked high enough, you may be upgraded to a CGS-D if one is declined. A fair number of them do get declined, as you can see if you look at previous years' threads. (A common reason they are declined is that they cannot be held at foreign institutions - so people in that situation downgrade to a PGS-D instead.)
  8. I moved to another country (the US) after living with my parents my whole life. I was very nervous, but it was fine. It was a bit lonely at first, but pretty quickly I clicked with some people in my cohort. I think moving for grad school makes it easier than it could otherwise be, because when you meet your cohort most of them will be in the same situation of not knowing anybody.
  9. Mine would go up more than $5000 according to that calculator, and that's not taking into account the lower base deductible amount for non-resident aliens. It's also unclear to me if/how the proposed changes would impact my state taxes, or my taxes in Canada.
  10. Yes, some people are supported by fellowships, but it is a pretty small portion at most schools. Things would be different at the very top institutions I imagine. The school would lose money from those, I'm not disagreeing with that. In my department, the annual TA wage is about $19,000 if you don't get summer funding - though I'm not aware of anyone who can't get summer funding if they need it (either through grading, TAing or being funded by their advisor). With average summer funding the annual wage would be about $25,000 gross. The cost of living here is very high (e.g. rent on a ~500
  11. This depends a lot on field. In my field, almost everyone is supported through TAships, not their advisor's research grants.
  12. It is US income, I had no income from Canada for 2016. Specifically, it's part of my stipend from the university which is classified as fellowship income (basically, I TAed at half the usual amount, and the 'fellowship' amount included a top up so I was paid the normal amount for a full time TA). I will call the CRA.
  13. It's me again, with yet another tax return mistake! Well, I'm hoping it is a mistake. For the 2016 taxes, I had income only from the US: TA wages (say $X) on a W-2, and fellowship income (say $Y) on a 1042-S. A tax accountant in the family (informally) helped me with my Canadian tax return, but honestly I am not that confident in some/much of what they did. The result was that on my T1, in box 104 'other employment income', the amount entered was $(X+Y). I believe this is a mistake - after all, my fellowship income is not employment income! This definitely seems to be what earlier posts are ex
  14. If you get your funding year round, it's not surprising to me that they ask you to do something to earn it during the summer. My program does not require students to take classes or TA during the summer (in fact, there are no courses to take in the summer), but students can apply for TA positions if they need summer funding. There are also other funding opportunities as RAs, e.g. for REUs or just grant funding from your advisor.
  15. I would recommend posting this in the 'languages' sub-forum: http://forum.thegradcafe.com/forum/39-languages/
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