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  1. I really appreciate it. Thank you. I called the school and told them. They said it should be fine, as they would only care about DUI's or DWI's and these are just speeding violations. For whatever reason, one of these was a minor misdemeanor and I don't really understand why. Still my fault for not checking, but hopefully they understand.
  2. Apparently, they're both just for speeding... I realize this may seem silly, but I don't want anything to threaten my placement in the program, especially for the appearance of me being dishonest on my application (I wasn't, I just didn't know these were public record)
  3. I didnt realize have a criminal record until runing a search on my name in google, and found that I do. I've already been accepted into a PhD program, and am now terrified that they will find out and expel me from the program. I purchased details from the service that indicated I have a criminal record off google, and there is a minor misdemeanor for something that isn't indicated, but my disposition is "waver," and I have a 'Not guilty' plea to a "travelling unreasonably fast" over 15 years ago. Is this something I should be forthright with my program about, and let the chips fa
  4. This may seem like a silly question, but I'm wondering if I need to fill out a FAFSA for a PhD program. They pay tuition, so the reason I'm asking is either for reasons I'm unaware of that may require the FAFSA or because I am currently paying off student loans and wonder if I need to fill out the FAFSA for these loans to be deferred while I'm in the program. Thank you!
  5. You're very welcome. They are very understanding. Good luck with also getting an offer at school B!
  6. I imagine that if school A extended you an offer, that will not change regarding information about another program from which you haven't heard back. You may not need to be specific with regard to what school you're waiting on, but simply say that you're waiting to hear back from other schools and will you let you know as soon as possible. Mind you, take my advice with a grain of salt. While on the phone with my POI who had just granted me an unofficial offer, I mentioned that I wouldn't be able to confirm until I found out from other programs. She was very understanding and I ended up accept
  7. Thank you for your response, Deutsch. May I ask, what of questions were you anticipating that you wrote out ahead of time? May I also ask, what if any research did you do for the program you were applying to?
  8. Hey Everyone, I got accepted for my first interview on February 9th for a clinical psychology PhD program. I've never done in interview for a graduate program, and am unsure how to prepare between now and then to maximize my chance at a succesful interview. I've recieved some suggestions about doing mock-interviews with friends or colleages, as well as writing out all possible questions and responses to those questions as a way to rehearse. I also realize that I should be researching both what my Principle Investigator of interest has been researching (e.g, read her past publications)
  9. hey. I just got offered an interview for a clinical psych program. can you offer any suggestions? What kind of reserach did you do? What did you plan out? What are POI's? Thanks.
  10. As for your other question, I think it's important to balance discussion of your past experiences, your present interests, and your future goals. I'm working on statements right now for PhD clinical programs too. You don't just want to make it a life story, but you also need to explain how you arrived at clinical psychology. It's a tough balance to strike. Perhaps you can show them through an experience you've had, why you're a good fit for a clincal psych program.
  11. Hey one last question: I don't know much about human physiology, but if I hydrate well (> 1 liter), and stop drinking any liquids within an hour and a half of taking the exam, do you think this should be enough time to evacuate all fluids before test time?
  12. That's great to hear from someone else. I'm definietely going to do exactly as you did and take some "me time" inbetween sections to shut my eyes and clear my head. I'll try not to ask for bathroom breaks during that time, but your'e right- it can't hurt.
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