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    Positive psychology for gender and sexual minority individuals, LGBTQ+ Psychology, Transgender romantic relationships, Non-Binary gender identities.
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  1. YES. Decline things that aren't a great fit for you! While it's great to maintain politeness, you have to consider the fact that you're going to be committing YEARS of your life to something. Don't do it unless it's not a great fit. I would follow up apologizing and giving a brief explanation. Make sure to thank him and lethim know how honored you are by the acceptance, but you're looking for the best fit possible. IMHO, it feels odd to me that he *made* you accept this early, but I also don't know all the facts, so /shrug. Best of luck!
  2. Generic question: Has anyone heard from the university of florida's program in counseling psychology? I sent an email two weeks ago and haven't heard anything.
  3. @patakaRunning shorts and a t shirt allow me to blow off steam, explore the campus, and don't take up a ton of room in your bag. Also, keeps you fresh for your interview
  4. Interviews to 2/3 clinical programs I applied to. Unfortunately, one is on 2/9 and the other is on 3/2, so I have a bit of waiting to do. Ugh. Waiting. The worst.
  5. I'm going to order myself an extra large buffalo chicken pizza from my favorite pizza place. I'll splurge on a 6 pack of not-Natty Boh beer. I'll call my mom, my dad, my fiance, and my advisor. and then i'm going to freakin' celebrate. The next day I'll write thank yous and think strategy, but that first acceptance will be a celebration that I have a next step.
  6. I also pack workout clothes and running shoes, as well as hair products, lotion, and chap stick. I'm vain about my hair and skin, what can i say?
  7. Haven't heard but here to commiserate. The waiting is killing me, and I hope you're doing OK!
  8. Grad school waitlists are frustrating and hard. Because of the combination of program/mentor fit, it can be a super jenga-puzzle to figure out on their end. I wouldn't give up hope yet. It's still early -- tons of schools are still interviewing, and there's a chance that the person your POI extended the offer to could drop. Keep your head up, keep working, and keep moving forward. You've got this.
  9. Just saw that offers are being extended from one of the schools I interviewed at last weekend. I'm trying hard not to be super anxious, but it's not working. Help?
  10. I would check out the areas of interest of the people in the program (i.e., mood disorders, personality disorders, etc) and then cross- reference those with the criteria found for them in the DSM. You can further cross-reference with articles relating to treatment options of those disorders.
  11. I got to see my partner after almost 3 weeks (and 2 interviews) of being apart <3
  12. I'm having some anxiety about the fact that I have my first two interviews this weekend (Friday and Monday). I have almost everything planned out, have done my research, and know these POI's, but I just want friday to get here sooner so i can get the first one over with!!!
  13. I would shoot him an email -- at the very least he might have office hours, and even if you don't end up touching base, you still look interested.
  14. I would say update it on your CV, then send the CV to your POI's, with a brief message saying you're just giving a brief update to your CV.
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