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  1. Hi, I recently got accepted into Ph.D. program at the University of Rhode Island and received an invitation for the graduate open house. The event will be for 2 days. It's important because funding decisions will be made after the visit. Can anyone give some idea about what one can expect in such events and is there anything important I need to focus on? Thanks in advance.
  2. This looks great! Thanks a lot for this. If possible, can you make a similar plot for Earth Science, Atmospheric Sciences, and Oceanography?
  3. Anyone else received decision from UC Davis atmospheric science department? I saw one post in the Result Search section.
  4. Hey Everyone, Does anyone know whether the admission committee visits the research profile of the applicants i.e. Google Scholar, Research Gate, Academia etc in selecting students for the Ph.D. program? I do have a profile in Google Scholar where I listed my conference presentations and posters. But just curious whether reputation (citations, h-index, RG score etc) on these profiles play any role in the selection of an applicant? Thanks.
  5. Hello everyone, I need a suggestion about a situation. I submitted applications for Ph.D. program in 2-3 institute. While submitting my application, I had one manuscript that was under review in a journal. So, I listed that article as 'In review' in my CV. The article got accepted today for publication. Now, is there any way I can update it in my application? Thanks.
  6. Hi, Can anyone give me an idea on the average GRE requirements for applying to Princeton? I did my Master's from South Carolina and Master's CGPA is 3.63; have two peer reviewed publications in Springer and EGU. I need to retake my GRE next month since the older one got expired. My research interest is on Climate Modeling, Coupled Air-Sea Interactions and Monsoon Forecast. Also, if you've any suggestions about any specific universities, please let me know. That will be very helpful for my application. Thank You!
  7. @I_mix, Thanks for the replies. Somehow I missed that part in your comment actually. lol.
  8. @I_mix,Thanks for the reply. Hopefully the admission portal will show us some good news. Also, do you know if they already sent out the admission decision to the first group of the accepted students or they will send all the decisions by the end of this month? I'm asking this because I've not seen anything in the Result Search tab of this website.
  9. @I_mix, I've not heard anything back yet. I contacted the grad coordinator last month and they told me they're about to make the first round of offers that time in Mid February. But still haven't heard any admission decision yet. Also, there's no decisions in the 'Result Search' section of this portal for Marine and Atmospheric Science. Have you asked them anything about the expected decision date?
  10. Well, I sent an email to Stony Brook Marine Science Department last week and they told me that they are going to begin sending admission decisions to the applicants. It's been 8-9 days after that. Still waiting for the decision. Hopefully we'll hear positive decisions soon.
  11. Hi, Anyone received any decision from Stony Brook University's Department of Marine and Atmospheric Science PhD program? I submitted my application on January 14th; haven't heard back from them yet. Haven't seen that much post on result search; not sure whether anyone received their admission decision for that Marine Science Department yet.
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