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  1. Hey! Congrats on UBC! I was also recently accepted into the Ph.D. program in Geography there. It was my top choice and I will most likely be attending. Did you get an official acceptance letter from the university? I received one from the department, but nothing official. Would love to connect, PM'd you!
  2. Got acceptance from UIUC geography program 2 weeks ago! Anybody heard back from UBC, LSU or SFU ?
  3. Hello! International Phd candidate here with the research interest in geomorphology. Masters GPA - 9/10 (Earth Science) GRE - 322 (165Q+157V) Research ex - 2.5 years, with 1 pub (3rd author), 2 conferences, 1 in prep Applied to - Mix of programs in geology, physical geography, and earth sciences UIUC (accepted), UT Austin, Caltech, CSM, Stanford, UBC, UVA Apart from UIUC, I haven't heard back from the rest. UIUC was fast, got the result within 4 weeks! So anybody heard back from UT Austin/CSM (deadline was 2 months ago!) or other schools?
  4. Hello! I will be applying for Ph.D. programs for Fall 2019 as an international student and would really appreciate if you people could evaluate my profile. This would give me an idea about where I stand in the competition and to finalize the uni to apply. Additionally, please let me know which universities would be safe, target and straight out of my league. Undergrad Institution: A well-respected state university in IndiaMajor(s): Civil EngineeringMinor(s): NAGPA in Major: NAOverall GPA: 7.5/10 CPI Position in Class: Average Type of Student: International, Female Postgrad Institution: One of the new Indian Institute of TechnologyMajor(s): Earth science, M.tech.Minor(s): NAGPA in Major: NAOverall GPA: 9/10 CPI Position in Class: Rank 1GRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 165V: 158W: 4 (meh)TOEFL Total: 105 Research Experience: No undergrad research (I know -_-), 2 years research experience in fluvial geomorphology while doing masters and currently a research fellow at the same institute, one publication in prep. (1st author out of 2) and one is under review (3rd author out of 5), 2 international conference presentations Awards/Honors/Recognitions: First rank at the institute, a very well respected fellowship to present a poster at AGUPertinent Activities or Jobs: TA for a postgrad level course for a semester Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: Coordinator for external faculty visits in the department, Content manager for the departmental website for a semester, one internship in undergrad Special Bonus Points: 2 excellent LOR's, many grad classes and female applicant from a third world country Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: If it helps, I played for institute's sports team for 2 years at the state and national levelApplying to Where: Not finalized yet Stanford - Geosciences UT Austin - Geosciences Colorado State - Geosciences Caltech - GPS U of Minnesota - Earth Sciences U of Nevada Reno - Geosciences UCSB - Geography UBC - Geography U of Alabama - Geography TAMU - Earth sciences Indiana University - Earth and Atmospheric Science - Please suggest some other universities as well! Thanks a lot!
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