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  1. help_needed

    How are the 2019 applications coming

    @Aud4xv1a70r Wow it sounds like you had an awesome experience for the past few years and you have a really awesome story in general, it was fun to read. Good luck!
  2. help_needed

    Odd applicant wondering about chances

    Hello! I think you are fine to apply anywhere and everywhere. I would assume that for most people when switching from physics or some other field to earth science the statement of purpose probably would matter, but with your GRE and high GPA I wouldn't worry. People also know that the PGRE is a hard test so I think you made the right choice by sending it. From reading this forum for the past week or so, it seems like GRE does matter in Earth Science. The feeling I get is that high GRE may not get you in, but it will for sure make you a good candidate everywhere. What I mean by this is that it seems that GRE scores are used as a preliminary threshold to cut out students. The most selective programs may only look seriously at people with a combined score of 330 or higher. Because of this, I think you would be seriously considered everywhere and with your good GPA, you will likely get into all the schools you apply. I would be interested to know what schools accept/reject you because of your different background and GRE. It would be a good gauge for other users on this forum to see what certain programs are looking for. As far as the SOPs, just be truthful to why you are trying to make the switch from physics to earth science. Speaking to this will give the admissions committee security in your commitment to the program more so that just applying for fun. If your still curious about more admission stats and finding other students who are similar to you and where they have gotten in, here is the link to the 2018 profiles: Good luck with the rest of application season and be sure to check in with the forum to let people know how it turns out for you!
  3. Hey, what's up? You may have already seen this but there is a thread on just this topic circulating on this site. This may be different than what you are looking for but I hope it helps! Also, If money isn't (which it always is) you could always retake it!
  4. Hey guys! I wanted to ask you guys how your applications were going and also make a spot for questions to be made and profiles to be shared. I didn't see a 2019 application thread, maybe it has been deleted. This site has been a huge resource to me for the past few weeks so thanks to everyone who has contributed. For anyone applying during this application season lets talk! This is such a ridiculously exciting time and opportunity for all of us and I really hope everything works out for everyone. The more I think on it the more I say just apply to everything! You guys got this! Undergrad Institution: big state school, decent for my majorMajor(s): Physics and AstroMinor(s):MathGPA in Major: not sure, 3.5Overall GPA:3.62Position in Class: Also not sure, we don't rank, probably top third Type of Student: DomesticGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q:164V:157W:4.5Research Experience: No Publications 🤧, -About 1.5-2 years of research in astronomy and then atmospheric science -REU and am doing an honors thesis both in atmospheric science -presented research at AGU Awards/Honors/Recognitions: -2 tuition reductions -2 research grantsPertinent Activities or Jobs: -Peer tutor for the university -ambassador to a service program at schoolAny Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: Special Bonus Points: Met some really awesome people at AGU, specifically the POI from UCLA AOS and the POI from UCSC! Lots of service hours and I have done a lot of traveling to study the social impacts of climate change in Peru? I don't know if this is helpful, the more I look it seems that its better to get more structured research as opposed to this kind of stuff... Oh well! It was fun! Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: Gay latino wooo!!Applying to Where: Applying for PhD to study atmospheric science UC Davis - Atmospheric Science - Aerosols and Radiation CU Boulder - Atmospheric Science - Aerosols/Atmospheric Dynamics /Radiation Colorado State - Atmospheric Science - Aerosols/Atmospheric Dynamics /RadiationUCLA - Atmospheric Ocean Science - AerosolsUC Berkeley - Earth Planetary Science - Atmospheric ScienceUW - Atmospheric Science - Aerosols UC Santa Cruz - Atmospheric Science - Arctic Amplification/Planetary Atmospheres University of Victoria - Earth and Ocean Science - Planetary Atmospheres You guys think I should apply to more? Any recommendations or people that would align well with my interests? I have done a lot of digging so if you post here I will try and tell you stuff I have learned if its relevant to what you want to study!

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