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  1. Just for anyone who was more atmospheric and looking at this forum... my profile was the first one in this thread UC Davis (Dept Land Air Water Resources) -Accepted back in mid january UC Santa Cruz (Earth and Planetary Science)- Accepted in late january Colorado State (Atmos) - Interviewed late january and bombed (presumably rejected) CU Boulder (ATOC) - Accepted February UCLA (Atmospheric & ocean science) - Accepted early February Berkeley & Washington - have not heard from either so presumably rejected Univ Victoria - Application withdrawn
  2. Does anyone know anything about the UCLA department Atmospheric and Ocean Science? Not necessarily about admission, but I have heard that the program may be kind of confusing, and lots of students end up dropping out of the PhD program. Have you guys heard much about that? Also, does anyone know if Boulder or UCLA is a better department in general? I know that's an incredibly loaded question and not even answerable in the first place but maybe someone can offer any insight. I dont have any specific person to work with yet at boulder so that feels kinda weird Thanks, guy
  3. @rockwizard Obviously you should take whatever I say with a grain of salt, but i wouldn't worry. You have really good research experience and its still January. I think if its march then we can start to feel discouraged.
  4. @Aerinite I heard from davis last week too! Maybe Ill see you at the visit weekend
  5. @kronotsky Congrats Kronotsky! Im sure theres more good news to come
  6. Good luck @magnetite ! Im sure you will get everywhere you want to go, especially considering you clearly want this and are determined to make it a reality. Please keep us updated on how it goes for you
  7. @cavalior7005 I think everyone can use inspiration at any time hahaha. Congrats on the top choice acceptance, I'm sure it will be worth the wait, and it sounds like you really earned it!
  8. I didnt apply to either, but from looking at the results page it doesnt look like very many people have heard at all so I wouldnt worry. I think we still have plenty of waiting in front of us
  9. @OcelotTracks UBC sounds awesome! I really loved vancouver when i visited, I also looked into Oregon State, I think Washington state also has a pretty good program for some things related to earth science (mostly atmospheric stuff). Good luck! I'm sure you'll get into a ton of places
  10. @Aud4xv1a70r Wow it sounds like you had an awesome experience for the past few years and you have a really awesome story in general, it was fun to read. Good luck!
  11. Hello! I think you are fine to apply anywhere and everywhere. I would assume that for most people when switching from physics or some other field to earth science the statement of purpose probably would matter, but with your GRE and high GPA I wouldn't worry. People also know that the PGRE is a hard test so I think you made the right choice by sending it. From reading this forum for the past week or so, it seems like GRE does matter in Earth Science. The feeling I get is that high GRE may not get you in, but it will for sure make you a good candidate everywhere. What I mean by this is tha
  12. Hey, what's up? You may have already seen this but there is a thread on just this topic circulating on this site. This may be different than what you are looking for but I hope it helps! Also, If money isn't (which it always is) you could always retake it!
  13. Hey guys! I wanted to ask you guys how your applications were going and also make a spot for questions to be made and profiles to be shared. I didn't see a 2019 application thread, maybe it has been deleted. This site has been a huge resource to me for the past few weeks so thanks to everyone who has contributed. For anyone applying during this application season lets talk! This is such a ridiculously exciting time and opportunity for all of us and I really hope everything works out for everyone. The more I think on it the more I say just apply to everything! You guys got this! Undergrad
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