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  1. If you did this in certain departments (for example, earth sciences or physics - the ones I know about!), both the professors and the graduate students would think you were very odd, and you would likely distance yourself from the faculty in a way which would be bad for your career. Yes, I'm completely serious. This is entirely department and/or program-dependent. In e-mails, it's best to just use "Professor X" until and unless they send you an e-mail signed "Kathy" or "Brett" or "L" or something like that. If they do sign with their first name, I would strongly recommend just using the s
  2. Ended up getting an offer from MIT. The way my department contact put it (and the timing) makes me think it was likely that some funding came through rather than that another student declined, but not sure either way.
  3. Well, to some extent planetary science, (geophysical) fluid dynamics, etc. are conducted as fields of applied physics/math (in fact, research on them is frequently found in those departments). Speaking specifically about earth, I also really love the environment, from a conservationist perspective and a knowledge perspective, so it's really a natural point of confluence for my interests. Which of Thorne's books? I'm reading through his recent collab with Blandford now; it's quite an achievement in pedagogy!
  4. I am leaning toward one of MIT physics, Berkeley physics, UCSB physics, and Harvard applied physics.
  5. Finally heard back from MIT EAPS (in the atmos/oceans/climate program) - I was waitlisted. The e-mail mentioned that they accepted fewer people than usual from their top tier of applicants due to reduced federal funding for climate research. I got into the physics department there, however, so hopefully this is not necessarily the end of the road for me and EAPS...
  6. Here are my final results, for posterity's sake: MIT EAPS - PAOS - Mar. 21 WAITLISTED (apparently this is the Trump administration's fault - the department's climate funding went down)Caltech - Planetary Scence - Feb. 22 REJECTED (my LoR writer said something like "we were doing you a favor" lol)Columbia EESC - Mar. 19 WITHDREW UWashington - Atmos Sci - Jan. 28 ACCEPTED Didn't end up applying to UWashington ESS. I think it's hard for future applicants to take much away from this, given that I received one of each possible type of result, and got rejected from Caltech in large pa
  7. Soooooooo it's March 16th and I still haven't heard anything from MIT. Which is odd, because (1) they said that they would get back by March 15th and (2) lots of people got rejected on the 14th. I almost certainly wouldn't enter their program if I got accepted, but I'd still like to know what's up... I'm applying for AOC and I think they specifically might have missed their deadlines by a ways.
  8. Caltech finally rejected me! It's okay; if had the results I have now a month ago I would probably have withdrawn by now. Unfortunately I think this means that outstanding results are likely to be rejections
  9. I also haven't heard from Caltech at all, nor have I heard of anyone who has. Same with Columbia EESC. I just spoke with a professor from MIT EAPS who says that the department is pretty far behind its typical admissions schedule. He sounded positive about my application status (I couldn't quite make out what he said when he talked about that part lol), and said that he/the department would likely get back to me next week. This was an Atmos/Oceans/Climate person; not sure if he was referring to that or all of EAPS.
  10. I just heard back from the first person I listed on my MIT EAPS SoP, asking to chat - I had not made prior contact. So the process is still ongoing!
  11. I can't figure out how to edit this; if it's possible someone please tell me how and I'll delete this post. I got ACCEPTED (woo) to work with a computational mat sci professor. I didn't list him on my SoP, but we did have a skype conversation a few weeks ago that went quite well.
  12. I have only been accepted to one physics school so far (a top 15/20, yet to hear back from another 7 or 8 more highly ranked), but I have spent a lot of time thinking/reading about this, and I think I have a handle on the principles of writing an SOP for a physics school. 1. Don't write about a personal story unless it answers a potential question about your academic history (why did you take this year off? why are you switching subfields?), and if you do, make sure you write the minimum amount necessary to answer the question. Generally the chronology of your SOP should never begin befo
  13. Hi @rocksandstuff ! Unfortunately I'm totally out of the loop, so I really don't know anything more than what I've learned by scouring the internet. It seems that some people have heard back this cycle, though I've only verified that one of these people is real (a geophysics admit last Tuesday). You're not the first to ask me about the PS option, and it seems as though there are people waiting to hear back everywhere I look, so I hope that means they're not done yet haha. One of my recommenders is from the department, but I'm a little scared to ask him what's going on... Anyway, best of luck!
  14. Thanks! I'm feeling pretty positive; I also get to do the majority of my UW interviews after this, which is a huge relief! Have you heard back from Michigan/elsewhere yet?
  15. Undergrad Institution: CaltechMajor(s): PhysicsMinor(s): (we didn't have minors, but I almost finished the math major)GPA in Major: 3.88Overall GPA: 3.86Position in Class: top-ishType of Student: dwmGRE Scores (revised):Q: 170V: 170W: 6 Physics: 990 (it was free to report it alongside the general GRE so I did) Research Experience: One year of research at a national lab after graduation, in computational soft matter physics. Paper under review, not close to first author. Special Bonus Points: I took a bunch of graduate classes in physics and grad/UG cross-listed classes in physics an
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