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  1. Going to do that after Spring Break! Thanks for the advice.
  2. That's true! Letting them know about my other offers might not help too much unless I say I would definitely accept your offer once you release it (something you say in a love letter when being waitlisted for college). Mostly I just wanna find out if I was silently rejected or I'm still on a waitlist. I've been making plans with respect to my offer, but nothing can be confirmed until I learn all the decisions.
  3. Should I email admission committee of the programs which haven’t got back to me to let them know about my fully funded offer with additional fellowship? I’d really like to move on with an offer to book airfare, sort out summer storage and fall housing, etc. Also, I know people who emailed a program to get their decisions and to find out official rejections wouldn’t be sent out until late April...
  4. Anyone emailed MIT, Berkeley, Cornell or Michigan and was informed a decision? Getting tired of waiting for rejections 🙂
  5. Hey it went okay, there were about 10 admitted students. But they didn’t really tell us how the admission process was like and I forgot to ask... Keep the hope up until it’s rejection!
  6. First rejection by Stanford geological sciences! See I was right about March is the rejection month at least for me I'm chill still but with 5 more programs to go, I just wanna know. Okay another rejection from Caltech geobiology an hour later! Things're really going the way I want them to🤣
  7. Anyone applied to caltech geobiology heard back even rejections?
  8. Hello! So does that mean people who werent invited for interviews were already rejected...I had informal interview with POI last year does that count😂
  9. @jimmay hi there! I'm a bit confused, so did @chasebf mean Stanford geological sciences by "deciding a while ago"? Cuz I haven't heard anything either nor anyone posted result. Also I noticed you've been accepted by Cornell, congratulations! I applied to EAS and I'm waiting to hear back. Would you mind sharing with me some details of their admission progress? Like visiting dates, how many rounds of acceptances... Thanks in advance!
  10. I forgot most of it but I dreamt of a rejection email from Caltech and the weird (and nice?) thing was they listed all my advantages and disadvantages for their grad study😅
  11. Hey I can totally relate! When I applied to undergrad I was rejected from my dream school while my two best friends were accepted and eventually went there (cuz they were also rejected by their dream schools). The worse thing was that we three always studied together between classes so I couldn’t help but hearing them discussing plans after accepting the offer. I knew they didn’t do this to hurt my feeling, but I started practicing piano during that time partly because I wanted to avoid their conversation 😂. Now three years have passed and I still hope I could get in there with them, but our f
  12. Still single on Valentine’s Day, so please gimme love in some other way...
  13. Hey Pangolin, thanks for the info! Just want to be clear, has the admission committee sent out official offers yet or they need to wait for PIs to confirm?
  14. Good to know, thanks for the info! Fingers crossed for us wrt UMich?
  15. Congrats!!! Are you invited to visit weekends? If so do you mind letting me know what dates?
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