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  1. NYU requested that admitted students RSVP for the visit by Feb 20th, so I doubt any acceptances would have come out later than that.
  2. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad Institution: Top 5 school, particularly known for STEM/engineering. It's top 10 in polisci. Major(s)/Minor(s): Unrelated social science field Undergrad GPA: 3.7 (alma mater is also known for grade deflation) Type of Grad: none, but in a 2-year polisci program at another school in the top 5 (both for undergrad and for poli sci) GRE: 170, 163, 5.5 Any Special Courses: STEM requirements from going to an engineering school. No undergrad polisci courses at all (a few econ courses is as close as I come), though I've taken a bit of polisci in my current program
  3. I considered applying to this program, as part of building up my background for an econ phd (a path I later decided not to take), and reached out to a professor. He responded that I would likely be better off enrolling in just the specific courses I thought would best help to have under my belt when applying, rather than enrolling in a degree program.
  4. Harvard emailed me about the portal update. It went to promos in gmail, so others might be missing it.
  5. They sent out acceptance emails yesterday afternoon (generic email), so other info would hopefully be out soon.
  6. That's my thought as well. When I called them last week, the admin I spoke with said acceptances would be coming out late this week. The professor who called me to tell me I was admitted said I would be receiving email from that administrator with, and I haven't gotten it yet. So I'm thinking most notifications will come as emails. I have no idea what basis schools use for deciding who to call. I have some personal connection (in one case, very tangential) to the two schools that notified me by phone, but I have closer connections with two other schools (including my alma mater) that just
  7. Tbh, if I were in your position, I would see if it was still possible to visit Duke on an alternate date. It sounds like you have a pretty strong preference for Columbia, and I think for the schools you're most strongly considering, there's a lot to be gained by visiting on the actual visit date. For one thing, it's the only chance you'll have to meet the other prospectives, and those are the people you'll be spending the most time with. Obviously, it's very unlikely that you'll be able to change your date to visit Duke, but I would still take a few minutes to dial up the airline you're
  8. TY! And, nope, a member of the admissions committee. This cycle's over for me then! Best of luck to all still waiting.
  9. Ditto, for me Chicago came out almost 3 weeks ago.
  10. Just got a Harvard acceptance by phone. They mentioned that emails won't be out for another day or two.
  11. Are they in the same vicinity? Some of my schools have mentioned (just in the invitation email, without me asking) that it's typical for students to travel between schools during a few day's visit, and that schools are accustomed to, e.g., splitting travel costs. If not, schools also often allow students to arrange alternate visits, and many still cover travel costs (though, if they lodge admits with grad students, you might need to get a hotel if visiting at a different time, which they may not cover).
  12. Harvard said toward the second half of next week when I called on Friday. I'm thinking/hoping that the remaining Ivies might come out roughly together. I feel like delaying much past the end of Feb doesn't make much sense, given visits.
  13. I just called Harvard, they said results will be out in the 2nd part of next week.
  14. Huge ditto. I really hope my last 3 all come out this week
  15. I think we would be. They came out Feb 19th last year, on Feb 20th in 2017, and on Feb 15th in 2016. I think it's still likely they'll be out by the end of the week. The weather's not terrible and I'd be surprised if things weren't back to normal there by tomorrow.
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