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  1. Ah okay, I didn't know that. I just heard from Northwestern and Berkeley a while ago so I thought maybe something was up. Thanks!
  2. Anyone hear from Caltech or Yale recently? It's been a while since my other decisions went out and visit weekend scheduling is getting tight.....
  3. To wager a guess, you wouldn't get anything significant back from filing tax returns. But there may be different considerations for graduate stipends, so I definitely agree with @AntiSpinel that these are perfect questions for visit weekends.
  4. I would guess 20% on average would be withheld to federal and state taxes and other deductions. I checked with some online calculators for every place where I got an offer, and the net tax rates were 17-23% depending on location and stipend amount. This left me with $2,200-$2,700 per month.
  5. For the most part, the stipends seem to be enough. Looking at rents, though, a roommate will probably be needed, the studios and one-bedrooms look like they would use up nearly all of the after-tax monthly stipend.
  6. On a similar note, the first Columbia visit weekend is this upcoming weekend (Feb. 7-10), so maybe they'll send all the final decisions sometime this or next week?
  7. No, unfortunately that's the same weekend, so I'll be out of the country. Thankfully Northwestern has the second as well, so I'll be attending that one.
  8. Does anyone know if there's any options for when you can't make it to a visit weekend? I was accepted to Berkeley but unfortunately will be out of the country for a short-term study abroad program. I really wanted to visit because I'm quite torn about which school to choose (my profile and decisions are in my signature).
  9. UM-Ann Arbor: February 22-23; March 22-23 University of Chicago: February 7-9; February 21-23 University of Washington: February 21-23; March 7-9 UW-Madison: February 15-17; March 8-10 Yale: March 7-8; March 28-29 Columbia: February 8-10; March 8-10 Northwestern: March 15-17; March 22-24 (On the department website) UCSF: January 27 - 28, and February 3 - 4 (this is assuming that the interview serves as the visiting weekend because why fly candidates out twice when interviews are required) Rice: Feb 7 -9
  10. @impulsechemist just got that MIT rejection haha glad they finally sent something though
  11. @chemb4life @do0112 They just added official letters (admissions and financial) to my application portal and emailed visiting/travel info
  12. I emailed them today about this and they said they still haven't posted the admissions decisions online, but that they hope to do so by today or tomorrow!
  13. Anyone else who still hasn't heard anything from MIT? Seems like they sent out a large number of decisions this week so I'm just confused why I haven't gotten mine yet.
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