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  1. I was at UChicago this weekend too. Saturday there was a Women in Chemistry brunch in the morning (fantastic food!) and then you could go on tours of campus/graduate students' apartments or else grad students would take you places downtown, like museums or whereever. All of Saturday was optional and, although it was fun and it gives you more chances to talk to grad students, you wouldn't be missing anything in terms of formal events or seeing the department if you left that morning.
  2. I still haven't heard anything from Columbia either. I don't like the fact that there haven't been any updates at all...
  3. Has anybody heard anything from Columbia in a while? On the results page, it doesn't look like much has happened since the first wave of acceptances (who got the Dean's scholarship) went through.
  4. @chemphysbus Saaaaaame. But yeah, I can't really complain, and at least now I can set up the rest of my visiting weekends.
  5. According to my friend who got into Stanford, they have three visiting weekends (I believe they are the weekends of March 1, 8, and 15, although I don't know the exact dates). I'm also pretty sure that Stanford and Berkeley coordinate their visits so that students can go to both in the same weekend, so that might be a possibility too.
  6. I haven't either. Maybe they are doing it by discipline and haven't gotten to physical yet? It does seem weird though, since they've sent out so many rejections too. At this point, if I end up not getting in, I'd rather just know...
  7. Does anyone know when MIT's visiting weekend is? I'm trying to figure out how safe it is to schedule my other visits, just in case.
  8. Do you have any idea how they decide to interview people? I'm assuming they don't interview everyone (I feel like I would have heard about this?) and also I don't want to give up hope because I didn't get an interview haha
  9. UM-Ann Arbor: February 22-23; March 22-23 University of Chicago: February 7-9; February 21-23 University of Washington: February 21-23; March 7-9 UW-Madison: February 15-17; March 8-10 Yale: March 7-8; March 28-29 Columbia: February 8-10; March 8-10 Northwestern: March 15-17; March 22-24 (On the department website) UCSF: January 27 - 28, and February 3 - 4 (this is assuming that the interview serves as the visiting weekend because why fly candidates out twice when interviews are required) Rice: Feb 7 -9 UC Santa Barbara - Feb 21 -23
  10. Where is this results page? I've seen quite a few people reference it Edit: Wait, nvm, just found it haha
  11. Hey, so I noticed that in previous years, people have made a thread compiling all of the visiting weekend dates. I think this would be useful for people who want to schedule their visits with schools they've already gotten into while trying not to conflict with any schools they still haven't heard from. The way this works is, you copy and paste the previous list, add your contribution in bolded text, and unbold the previous person's text. This way the last post is a total compilation of all dates. Here is who I've heard from so far: UM-Ann Arbor: February 22-23; March 22-23
  12. Congrats on the acceptance! Here's hoping they're not done sending them, haha. I don't know if they've sent any, but I do have a friend who is still waiting on a decision from them, so hopefully both of you will hear from them soon! Any chance that anyone has heard about Princeton or Stanford?
  13. One of my friends just got into Yale today for organic chemistry, so it looks like they're still sending out responses.
  14. Guess I'll jump in, since I've been following this thread for a while. Undergrad Institution: Private research universityMajor(s): ChemistryMinor(s): N/AGPA in Major: 3.82Overall GPA: 3.75Position in Class: Not ListedType of Student: DomesticGRE Scores:Q: 168 (94%)V: 162 (91%)W: 5.0 (92%)S: 720 (58%)Research Experience: Two academic years (plus summer between) in a bio lab, which is unrelated but got me a great letter; one academic year (plus summer) in a physical chemistry lab (my field) doing honors research with my current PI.Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Summer research fellowship, ACS
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