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  1. I had an interview on 11th Jan from Boston University (Theoretical Chem) by one of the committee member who I did not mention in my SOP. A week later, she notified me that I was recommended by the committee. I am yet to hear from the graduate school for the official acceptance.
  2. I sent an email to the graduate committee of UPenn, they replied that my application is still under review. Apparently, this is the standard reply you will get. Contacting POI might help in gauging your situation but I would wait till the end of this month before mailing the professor.
  3. I have heard from POI (Theoretical chem) at Brown that I was among the top applicants in their final list and will likely be admitted after graduate school approval.
  4. Has any international application heard from UPenn yet? I know that domestic applicants were invited to attend the open house. Has anyone received acceptance or rejection? The website says that the application reviews started on December 2nd, most of the programs with Dec 1 deadline have at least sent few acceptances.
  5. Thank you for sharing your story. It is very helpful. Congratulations on your admits and all the best for the pending results.
  6. Agree, says an international applicant with an average profile who applied to only five programs (3 of which are Ivy League schools) without taking the subject GRE. 😂
  7. Did you get into Chemical Physics program of UMinnesota?
  8. Where have you applied? Have any of your classmates heard back from any of the above mentioned schools (UPenn, Brown, BostonU, Yale, UMinnesota (Chemical Physics))?
  9. Undergrad Institution: One of the top Indian Science instituteMajor(s): ChemistryMinor(s): None (Undergrad level courses in Physics and Mathematics)GPA in Major: 9.5/10Overall GPA: 9.0/10Position in Class: Not RankedType of Student: International, MaleGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 165V: 152W: 4.0S: not takenResearch Experience: 2 summer research internships in theoretical chemistry and pursuing an year long project in computational chemistry, No Publications yetAwards/Honors/Recognitions: National level scholarship for undergraduate education, foreign internship through a competitive programPertinent Activities or Jobs: TA for two semesters (Quantum Chemistry and Physical Chem)Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: 2 National level science achievementsSpecial Bonus Points: 3 strong LORs (maybe) from research supervisors including one from a professor highly renowned in his fieldAny Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: took multiple graduate level courses in theoretical chem, two Ds in Mathematics courses in the first two years of undergradApplying to Where: UPenn, Brown, BostonU, Yale, UMinnesota (Chemical Physics) Haven't heard from any of the programs yet.
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