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  1. Hi, I was accepted to UCLA's PhD program in STEM and as part of our stipend it is expected we TA the first two quarters. After that, we always have the option to TA for extra cash but our main stipend comes from being a graduate researcher. This is detailed in our offer letter. PM me if you have any more questions!
  2. Hi! We have an entrance exam where it is expected we know and pass tests that were at the undergraduate coursework level. If we get below a certain percentage they will make us take their university's equivalent of the UG course again. Regardless, in my field (STEM), the grad courses build upon the undergrad so I'll definitely be reviewing certain course materials before I head into the fall to stay afloat.
  3. Hey, I'll be attending UCLA's chemistry program this fall. I chose it because of higher prestige, not too demanding extra hoops (other schools I visited had cumulative written exams their second year and passing a certain number of quals, etc), and good industry connections (my intent after graduation). Also, every potential PI I spoke with had a good track record of sending students on to jobs in academia. If you want to talk about it more, feel free to PM me!
  4. Hey all, I'm hoping to head into industry after graduation. I am torn between two schools- both successfully send applicants into industry and academia. Should I choose higher ranking over research fit? I have been told my research interests may change anyway and ranking will matter more career-wise in the long run. Although the research "fit" isn't as perfect, it still gives me the skills necessary to enter the job field I want to go into. Thanks for any advice!
  5. I heard from UW. When I visited they said they had sent out all acceptances and the rest will be rejections. Berkeley I imagine is the same way; I haven't heard from them but I also haven't seen in past results anyone getting an acceptance this late (March). Congrats on your UC Davis and UCSB acceptances! Both are great schools and tough to beat the locations.
  6. I'm making this assumption based on past grad cafe results and needing to get visit weekends in order. There's always an outlier but I figure if I go with this mindset any acceptance will be a happy surprise.
  7. Cheers! Always good to verify, but I also heard after filing you would get some of that money back. Any leads on how much you would get back in tax returns?
  8. Anyone know what percentage of our stipend will be taken after taxes? I know it varies by state but just have no idea of a ballpark. Is 7% too high?
  9. Hi, anyone attending UCLA I could ask some questions to?
  10. If you are worried there are still schools with applications due in March you could apply to! Off the top of my head I know Oklahoma is one of them.
  11. Hi Scry, these were official letters I received via email. But looking at past years these schools send acceptances out in waves, so I am sure there is more coming and I wouldn't sweat it yet.
  12. I was accepted to UCLA and University of Washington, waiting to hear back from UCB, Caltech, UCSB and UCSD. UCB and Caltech definite reaches for me, stats aren't awesome so not expecting much and am pretty happy with the acceptances at this point. Put specific stats in my signature as well. Hopefully posting these stats will help others in the future/ease some concerns for people waiting!
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