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  1. Hi! I don't want to answer for everyone but I'd assume they mean what you think. The 30 should or would include the 5k in the summers. My fellowship is 26k per year. 11k in the spring and fall semesters and 4k in the summer.
  2. So I have two questions that have gone unmentioned: 1. For those of you diagnosed beforehand, how did you go about securing meds? Did you have to go through evaluations again? Did they believe you when (or if) you told them you've struggled with y and take z? 2. How many of you have fellowships? I read that my fellowship includes healthcare...but I'm not too sure what that means. Does it mean they just cover the annual fees?
  3. lmao, don't know why but this is really funny. How are your seminars? What type of coursework do you have?
  4. It still hasn't hit me! I mean I am going to Berkeley with a pretty good package and have yet to cry or scream out loud. I think it will hit me on my first day. I'm kind of upset that it hasn't haha.
  5. If only this thread was filled with more current info. major lol at the poster above though. Perhaps you weren't accepted?
  6. I am confused: Why don't you just send an email to the professor or GSA/secretary? It seems like you two are familiar enough. If you don't feel that way, still ask someone involved in the department. That's just my pov though. I am a persistent and direct person. It never backfired on me when I was applying as well. Good luck
  7. Aye, this is weird. I'm also on a 5-year fellowship, haha. Too many things matching up. How were you able to visit the campus? Actually, how is the campus? Is it "clean"? Does the campus live up to the prestige of Berkeley? I saw a video of Harvard's dining hall, not comparing Berk to Harv, but man it was impressive. Of course, the dining commons will be way different. I just like buildings and large spaces aha.
  8. Has there ever been a list detailing offers and acceptances (or rejections) by the year in this forum?
  9. I have searched a few areas on Craigslist and found some promising things. I also applied to the graduate coop housing they have. I'm not really willing to pay over 900 for a room. What is your financial situation? I'll be living off a fellowship, so, yeah. I currently live abroad but will return and work a few months and save before I start.
  10. I swear it is "tough" to find certain information on Cal on this website. Is it only me? Maybe it's just my field..... Anyway, hello! How many people will be attending Cal come Fall 2018? Are any users currently enrolled? I'll be starting Cal come fall and will major in archaeology.
  11. I wonder how many from this thread got accepted somewhere. Its awesome to see so many updates.
  12. A big thing for me was the reception I received from the POI after emailing them. Unlike what most people have posted, I had established communication with my POI MONTHS before the app was due. I had an hour-long Skype chat with one professor 6 months before I applied. Everything was great, but they weren't the best at communicating. They took several months reply to my emails and confirm a date to Skype. They have a large-ish family, but still. It was a perfect fit for me adviser and program wise. I still hope to work with them in the future. My other POI, however, is AMAZING and had st
  13. @MJF Do they have LEGIT funding? I thought it was just external or internal fellowships or something along those lines. I have met around 6 people that got their masters at Chico. All of them worked with the BLM, USFS or a local cultural resource firm during their tenures. Also, 4 of them took over 3 years to finish because they were working for a while. They were archaeology majors though. I would be surprised if you got a decent amount funding if any. GIve an update later!
  14. Sent an email to withdraw my application from UMass Amherst.....feels scary lol. I wonder what their decision was or would've been for me.
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