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  1. Interesting, I wonder if all employers will be following this.
  2. It really is a strange time that we are currently living in. Unfortunate to hear a lot of internships getting cancelled I hope that we can still get the fellowship but something tells me that GEM will be changing some things around for us. If anyone hears about how this situation will be handled please let your peers on here know!
  3. Anyone facing troubles in regards to their summer internship getting cancelled?
  4. I have been waiting for Intel to reach back to me but nothing. However, just got a call from David at Oak Ridge National Lab and received an offer! Good luck to everyone!!
  5. The webinar is really helpful, wish the background noise was not there though...
  6. I have been released for about three weeks or so now. Have not heard back from a company, notification from portal said I was released by Intel, but I am hopeful! All we can really do is wait, from my understanding companies are still reviewing applications.
  7. From my understanding if the your top choices don't think you're a good fit then other employers have the opportunity to review your application. However, if you remained Matched for over a month then that's a bit odd. You can always call GEM and inquire about it. Either way, good luck with the interview!
  8. Don't email them until approximately a week after January 15th. According to the FAQ, most GEM representatives don't verify the applicants' school status until February 1st. We'll just have to sit tight and wait patiently
  9. Did anyone else get an email from GEM??
  10. Howdy everyone! I was recently accepted into UC Berkeley's chemistry program (yay!!) and my potential PI informed me that the stipend should be around $36,000. Is this a livable stipend for a year at Berkeley? It seems like too little to me but I was wondering if anyone else can chime in with their experience. Also, if you have been accepted into Berkeley and will need a roommate please let me know :)) Thanks so much!
  11. Glad to hear you got matched! Hope all goes well
  12. I remember emailing them on two occasions and I also got ignored; however, some people here have received responses. Here is their phone number: +1 (703) 562-3646 The lady who answered was very helpful when I was having issues with the portal, hopefully they can help you out!
  13. Has the status for anyone who's been released changed? I feel like if it was a mistake/glitch it would have been fixed by now.
  14. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens in the next few days. Seeing as how we are approaching the holiday season, if we do not hear back soon then we may have to wait until January to hear back.
  15. Hopefully other companies will come to our rescue. Intel was my first choice so maybe now we are up for grabs? I think I am being too hopeful though
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