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  1. Google search for Computer Science grad school resources
  2. Yes, that's true. Many departments have internal fellowships that may still be available to students.
  3. I doubt it, the worst that could happen is they can't match the offer. I've never heard of anyone getting an offer revoked.
  4. I'm doing this currently, but the difference is $5k. It is also good to note differences in cost of living between the two schools (if there is one). Asking never hurts!
  5. I wouldn't consider Ithaca to be "rural". It's definitely small, but still a city. You should visit all three to help inform your decision!
  6. collegesista

    Ithaca, NY

    Yes, Cornell has a bus from Ithaca to NYC campus and there are other companies with buses and shuttles to those areas.
  7. collegesista

    Ithaca, NY

    Talked to some graduate students at my visit today and the one who does have a car mainly uses it when traveling out of town to visit his partner. Other than that, the others prefer to bike or walk. They did say a car is useful for groceries, but Uber does exist in Ithaca now. Ridesharing (Ithaca's version of zipcar - don't remember the name) is also an option.
  8. For anyone considering applying next year, Emory's graduate program is really nice. I had the pleasure of visiting last week and was impressed. The department is currently combined with Math, but they will be splitting this Fall along with making new offices for the CS department. If you're interested in computational biology research or any research that has applications to medicine and biology, this is definitely the place for you!
  9. That's definitely the best way to get your questions answered!
  10. My status was changed the same way, but I emailed them that I accepted an offer with a non-GEM employer, so idk how that happened
  11. I would suggest REUs as well. Throughout my undergrad summers, I did 2 REUs and 1 HHMI fellowship and those experiences really shaped my motivation for attending graduate school!
  12. I think that's a good idea. I probably need to do that as well since I accepted a summer offer with a non-GEM employer
  13. Probably not in terms of attending. I just mean like correspondence from students, professors, etc. Haven't received any at all.
  14. Yes! Haven't received a lot of correspondence from them though...
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