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  1. has anyone here applied to the medical imaging and informatics PhD program under BioE @ UCLA? If so, has anyone heard back to be invited for an interview? Thanks!
  2. It only gets worse before it starts to get better keep your head up champ
  3. The event happens Feb 14th-15th lol no acceptance as of now hahaha
  4. Congrats! I too was invited for a Grad Visit Day but didn't hear if I was accepted first. After doing more digging and reaching out to the grad students in the department, this is all a good sign that you are pretty much "accepted." If you reach out to the professors you mentioned in your app they may have already pointed out that they scheduled a time to talk with you on the visit day and that you'd be a great fit for their lab (as was my case). I spoke with grad students also and they said acceptance after visit days are normally 50%,.. or close to %100 (barring you aren't a wei
  5. I noticed you were accepted to the UC Irvine statistics PhD program (congrats!) Did they invite you to a visit day? Do you know if they are still interviewing applicants?
  6. No one has reached out yet. I list these companies: 1st Choice: Amazon 2nd Choice: SAP America 3rd Choice: The Aerospace Corporation
  7. Nice! Congrats!! Nope, I haven't heard back. My status was on Held, but then went back to Matched lol ?
  8. Honestly, that's really encouraging news. I'm applying to Phd programs with a focus on AI and autonomous systems.
  9. Awesome! Which company if you don't mind me asking?
  10. I received no notification of the status changed to "Held" on my application. I didn't even receive a notification when it changed to "Matched," lol But that's good to know that the company name is shown once you're selected!
  11. What the...? That's interesting (congrats? lol) Also, since you were selected did you receive an email/notification telling you the company that selected you? My status is on "Held" and I do not know which company has my application.
  12. ALSO, as far as what I've read from past threads, companies that you may not have listed could have your application on "Held" so ihdk which company to reach out to lol
  13. Hey y'all! I applied for the early decision option. The employer member status for me is currently at "Held" (which is surprisingly early to me!). It was actually set to "Matched" last week after I got an email from GEM. Haven't heard back from any employers yet. Also, this could change to "Released" as far as I know, so just seeing what happens.
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