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  1. I just got an email about a webinar to discuss the next steps and what is expected of us in our internships and schools.
  2. So they finally got back to me and they basically told me they’re in the process of confirming everyone. So basically nothing really helpful
  3. Me neither as well, I sent them an email just double checking that I did every step and when we will get an official acceptance letter, hopefully they’ll reply soon and I’ll relay that info here.
  4. Do any of you still have “confirmed pending contract review” as your university status. And if so how long did it take to change after you signed the offer link.
  5. I also did what @Moods did and I just sent them a quick email saying how excited I was for acceptance and if they were willing to sponsor me. From my perspective, most schools want to have gem scholars in their programs so they’re very willing to sponsor. Also, I think they just send gem an email confirming you got accepted with funding
  6. @TITX no it’s not Columbia, I didn’t apply to their program
  7. I GOT INTO AN IVY LEAGUE SCHOOL & they’re willing to sponsor me!!!!!!!!!!! so I have a few questions about the package I got. So I was awarded a fellowship from the university, does that get compounded with gem? Does that mean I don’t have to TA? And also what’s like the average range for stipend awards (I think it said I got 36k/yr)
  8. Hope y’all are doing well and I’m happy to see that some of you have still been getting company sponsorships, don’t loose hope! On a side note does anyone know what attire you should wear to grad visitation day? And for those of you that have attended, do you know if you’ll have time to roam around the campus and meet some current students?
  9. @Moods well thank you for such a thorough answer, it seems like a lot of this information is already on the packet they sent us.
  10. Sorry I meant to say ‘selected by an employer’ and for the webinars I got an email detailing that there would be one every Friday here’s the email: The purpose of this email is to introduce you to me, Antonio Storey the Fellowship Administrator. My main focus is to walk you thru the fellowship application process and get you confirmed a GEM Fellow. I would like invite you to a conference call held on Fridays 2pm - 3pm eastern standard timestarting February 1st. No need to register for the call.
  11. Also, for GEM select peeps have any of you attended the webinars on Fridays, I seem to always miss them.
  12. So I got an email that I got 'Accepted by the department' and they have recommended my admission, does anyone know what this means? Also, I wanted to thank everyone on this forum, it honestly is where I go to with any concerns and it has really helped to reduce my anxiety throughout this whole process.
  13. Thanks for the info, so did u end up getting accepted shortly after the event?
  14. So I was just invited to “Grad Visit Day” for a school that I applied to, but have not heard anything from them of whether or not I got in. Does anyone know what this might be and/or have been invited to a similar event without being accepted.
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