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  1. @Manufan5a similar thing happened to me. I was on matched immediately, then was on held for almost a month and was finally released a few days ago. It was confirmation for me that the employers were looking. I am still hopeful that someone will reach out though. Glad to hear that someone else was on the same boat. I also have still yet to hear from a university.
  2. Hearing everyone's great news is so encouraging. I hope we all find success in this journey. Just sharing my frustration abit...I've been 'released' after being 'held' for almost a month. I still have hope though. I just wish I could be a fly in the wall during this selection process.
  3. @becs_granola I'm in the same boat. I've been on 'held' for a few weeks (or at least it seems) and have been checking my voicemail and inboxes. I still have not been contacted. Hopefully we get some kind of communication soon. I will check FAQ's again to understand the timeline abit more.
  4. @ray92 Thank you! I should have called in sooner. Ha.
  5. @Moods Interesting. I still can't hear him nor is the PowerPoint current.
  6. Hi. Wanted to finally join the buzz. So...everyone is experiencing some technical difficulties with the webinar...yes?
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