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  1. so update: The school rep answered and they are trying to figure it out. I was also told today that IBM is considering me so fingers crossed...
  2. So I emailed the GEM advisor for the school I want like a week and a half ago and have not received a response ๐Ÿคจ Not sure what to do...
  3. my status just switched to matched too!
  4. will send an email right now. Hopefully, this goes well...
  5. Also in GEM limbo. Although at this point fingers crossed for the associate fellowship. ๐Ÿ˜ถ I'm guessing we will receive an email later on as to whether we are associate fellows?
  6. SO my status the other day switched from held to matched...does that mean that I did get a fellowship? or is it all still up in the air? I haven't been contacted yet but I have been accepted to several schools ๐Ÿ˜•
  7. Also still waiting for a contract:( altho I've been held since early December. I also wondered what the visits mean as I wasn't given an official acceptance for some schools but was invited.
  8. question, where would the accept/reject button be on the gem page regarding internship?
  9. yeah sorry I just realized all that was in the email, although I wasn't aware of the call
  10. Wait so are we supposed to be waiting then until an employer contacts us or uploads the form? Where does this photo get uploaded and we just email a transcript now?
  11. So I've been matched by an employer since late December but was never contacted. I checked today and my status says held but again no contact. Three of my schools have also confirmed that I applied. This might be a dumb question but for fellows I'm confused as to what GEM provides financially. They give an internship and make the school give you a package but do they also provide a cash stipend? Or does GEM essentially help out the school and the school pays for tuition and fees? Halp.
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