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  1. I haven't done that yet since I haven't made a final decision on which school to attend. Waiting until after Visit Day to decide.
  2. Also here some notes from the GEM Pre-Select Next Steps FAQ Sheet we received early this year: The GEM Office can also help advocate support for you. Please send an email to info@gemfellowship.org to let us know if you are not receiving a response from a GEM University Representative, have not been admitted to any schools, or you are simply confused, and we will also contact your preferred University to ask them to confirm support.
  3. Not sure because I haven't gotten to that point yet but here some notes from the GEM Pre-Select Next Steps FAQ Sheet: if a GEM University has signed a Support Agreement confirming their willingness to fund you, an "offer" link will appear in the row of the University that signed an agreement. If the school you wish to attend has an offer link available, please click on the link, read the agreement, and if you concur, electronically sign the agreement.
  4. I think your concern is valid. I really am not sure what the best approach is for you at this juncture. Something I found useful that I did last year was to contact the GEM rep and ask them to facilitate introductions to professors in my area of research. This not only helped me to build a relationship with the GEM rep but also allowed me to keep in touch with the professors who followed up with me and discuss their research. One professor, after reaching out, went so far as to schedule a Skype chat for Q/A with me last year (way before school application deadlines). I hope it's not too late f
  5. Yes, eminently advisable-- especially if you have been selected by an employer (and be sure to mention that fact) I did that and a couple of days later, I was admitted to that university Best of luck to you!!!
  6. I haven't made a final decision yet so I haven't done so.
  7. I'm sorry to hear that. But it looks like You've also been admitted to other excellent universities. I have no doubt that you will do superbly well at any one of those schools! I'm rooting for you!!!
  8. So for schools statuses, I've noticed the following in my case. Listed in order of occurrence: Did Not Apply, Pending Verification, Applied, Accepted, Willing to Admit as GEM Fellow. So currently for one of my schools it says Willing to Admit as GEM Fellow. This school started out with Did Not Apply last year, then changed to Pending Verification, then changed to Applied, then changed to Accepted and finally now it says Willing to Admit as GEM Fellow. And yes, I've already received an official admission letter from them. Hoping this helps someone!
  9. Congrats from me as well! You can find you which school has agreed to sponsor you by clicking on this link: Planning to Attend: Undecided (tell us where you're going) It is located just below the list of graduate schools you applied to. Hope that helps! And just make sure you don't save your selection if you haven't made a final decision about where to attend.
  10. I did NOT send the email through GEM (I don't recommend sending through GEM). I used my personal email. In the past I've gotten their emails by just doing a google search of their names plus university name. But luckily for these schools, I had received solicitation emails last year encouraging me to apply to their programs because I had applied to GEM. I had responded to those emails last year and established some rapport with the GEM Reps who sent those emails. So for this situation, I just used the same email chain so that they had context of who I was and I just changed the subject.
  11. Thank you so so so much for this information. Though I got selected weeks ago, only after seeing this from you, I wrote this email to the GEM rep at one of my preferred schools: Dear Dr. Rep's Name, I hope this finds you doing well. I’d like to inform you that I have been selected as a GEM Fellow by an employer. It’s so exciting! Since I haven’t heard from SCHOOL NAME yet about my application decision, I wanted to know if you have any advice on how to proceed with this new development. I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Reg
  12. Excellent recap of the discussion covered during the call. There's another one tomorrow at 2pm (EST) if you didn't have a chance to attend today. I counted about 25 or so students who dialed in.
  13. Were you a full GEM Fellow (meaning you were selected by an employer ) and did an internship? If yes, how come your program only had you TA? Or were you a GEM Associate Fellow?
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