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  1. astroid88

    What's a good GRE score?

    The only numbers that are somewhat important are the verbal and writing, and I'd argue more so for fellowships than for admission. The average (just from skimming departmental websites) seems to be about 160 on the verbal.
  2. astroid88

    Where historians work

    I feel like this should be the first thing listed on this forum assuming it's accurate.
  3. astroid88

    Query Regarding South Asian History Graduate Programs

    One has to start somewhere. Please keep these types of comments to yourself. Also, knowing best researchers/best programs and being ready for a PhD program are not the same thing. You seem to be equating the two.
  4. astroid88

    Where Top-Tier PhD Students Got Their BA/MA

    Welcome to academia's problem, where school="intelligence" (though most professors will deny it)
  5. astroid88

    Fall 2018 Applicants

    What's the average course load in the first semester of a history PhD?
  6. astroid88

    U Delaware vs U Florida

    Sorry if you were intending to keep this private, but what was the doctoral program that accepted you on the first go around? Feel free to PM me if you don't want that info on here.
  7. astroid88

    FLAS delays

    Ah, I see. I knew it had to with something higher up, but I didn't know about the four year blocks.
  8. astroid88

    FLAS delays

    Anyone else unsure of their FLAS status? Decision day is coming soon, and the three universities I am waiting on are taking forever! One is encouraging me to commit before I know my official status. What nerve! Commiserate with me? P.S: I know FLAS is not technically related to history, but I think it does affect a lot of students of history.
  9. astroid88

    Genocide Studies in US or Canada?

    https://cla.umn.edu/chgs Minnesota has one with a plethora of experts and archival sources. The great thing about the program is the geographic array of the scholars. They study not just Germany, but also Africa, South America, and other regions.
  10. astroid88

    Open Fellowships in March?

    Sorry to intrude, but yes, not even for Columbia. See my above post. The only way Columbia makes sense is if it is significantly funded. You realize you are gambling a lot on the idea that you will get the grades, recs, test scores, etc., needed to get into an ivy before you've even started your master's.
  11. astroid88

    Open Fellowships in March?

    There are schools that offer terminal MAs for a much cheaper tuition, give more aid, and can get you to where you are trying to go. I've just finished hearing back from all my master's applications, and two master's programs have offered to pay for the first year. I would have to reapply for the funding the second year, but even if I don't get any funding, my bill will be no more than $20,000. These are at Austin and Michigan. I'm sure you can find similar. People pay for the MA at Columbia for the name, but, in my opinion, there are better routes.
  12. astroid88

    Open Fellowships in March?

    It's widespread but definitely not encouraged. I would definitely look for more funding opportunities within the school. I'm not sure the route you want to go, but an MA in History will not bring much financial return. One other option is to reapply next year to schools that do offer more funding.
  13. astroid88

    What are your guilty pleasures?

    I like Latin America in the colonial period. Comparing the different regional experiences is fun.
  14. astroid88

    Fall 2018 Applicants

    FLAS notifications are out...at Michigan at least. Notified that I am a semi-finalist.
  15. astroid88

    Tips for negotiating packages

    Thanks for the advice. I definitely have other paths in mind if my intended path does not work out. I've worked with languages, and I wouldn't mind doing something with that after.

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