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  1. Hi, I just received my unconditional offer from SOAS but I will need to apply for the funding by myself. Previously my potential supervisor mentioned that I could apply for SOAS Research Studentships, but I've check in their site that the studentships is closed for now. I have e-mail the scholarship team and got no reply. I also make a call to their office and nobody pick it up. I update about my offer and check to my potential supervisor about the availability of SOAS Research Studentships this year, and been waiting for the reply for nearly 2 weeks. Is it a red flag?
  2. kxlx

    Applications 2019

    Good luck for those who got accepted to Princeton! I also applied to Princeton, had a very positive response from the POI but now I'm anxious about the offer... Haven't got any news yet.
  3. kxlx


    American History R_Escobar (20th century, American Indian), crazedandinfused (antebellum, intellectual), hopin'-n-prayin' (southern, religious), stevemcn (transnational), Simple Twist of Fate (early American), zb642 (20th century, labor/working-class culture), BCEmory08 (19th-20th century Catholicism, labor), irvinchiva10 (20th century, immigration/immigration reform) natsteel (early American political culture and intellectual history) unforth (19th century US political and military history, US Civil War)
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