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  1. I wait until they tell me to call them by their first name explicitly OR if they sign their emails with just their first name. (If they sign with their initials, I still call them Dr. So-and-so.)
  2. This is my second time applying for PhD programs. The first round, I lived in the same city as my recommendation writers and it was easier to buy them thank you gifts (I graduated and my final grades were already submitted.) I wrote them each a thank you card and bought them each specialty coffee and a nice notebook. For a professor I was really close with, I also bought him an academic book recently released that was in his field. However, right now I am living abroad and I am not sure what to do for my writers that is thoughtful without breaking the bank-- send something wrapped via amazon,
  3. Short answer: Yes! Longer Answer: I have lived in Berkeley for only about a month and a half last summer, but from what I remember, there was always something happening somewhere in Berkeley/Oakland/SF.
  4. I would just add that the BART is significantly more expensive than the Boston T or NYC Subway where you pay the same price regardless of where you enter and exit the stations. It is even more expensive than the Paris Metro. One-way from Downtown Berkeley to Embarcadero (SF) is over $4.
  5. I declined admission to Rutgers PhD in African-American History. I received a very positive response from my POI-- wishing me luck at the program of my choice, suggesting a history association to join, and hope to work together in the future. I am waiting on NYU (same field) because I'm not sure if I should preemptively withdraw.
  6. In this case, I might also enjoy watching the suggested montage. 😂
  7. For the record, I was not being arrogant. Since I have already accepted an offer from another program and many universities have a literal "withdraw application" button on their portals, one might understand the well-intentioned nature of inquiring about taking my name out of the hat.
  8. Not for rank 15-20 unless the MA was highly funded/ I could easily afford it without loans. I did turn down a PhD from a 40s/50 range for a MA 1-5 rank in 2016. Now I am going to a 1-5 rank in the fall.
  9. How did you withdraw your application? I didn't see an option on the portal like there is for other schools. I'd like to withdraw mine as well
  10. I was admitted to two programs. First- I had a very informal Skype call. The second- there was zero contact after submitting my application.
  11. I have seen rejections but I haven't seen anyone post about a waitlist. I hope that you get in!!
  12. I just accepted an offer moments ago. Once you officially accept an offer, you should receive information shortly regarding registration and next steps. As far as a "plan or direction," are you referring to letting your POI know that you will be attending the program? I would definitely let your POI know if you made your decision.
  13. I officially accepted my offer to Berkeley in US History. I hope this opens a spot up at Rutgers and possibly NYU! It feels wild to know I will finally begin my PhD in a few months. 🤯
  14. HoS seems to have a separate process from the history department, so you might be right. I have less hope for myself because there a few acceptances posted for the "regular" history department already. Good luck!
  15. I wish they would release the rejections already so that we can accept any offers we might have and open spots up for other people.
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