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  1. Would highly recommend trying to find one of Fein's students to talk to first -- they are not an active prof in the dept. Also NYU isn't going to take applications (read this as "rumor" if you like).
  2. I work across history and anthro, I have a major anthro grant (and I get how central these qs are to anthro) -- I think it would be weird not to mention the qs of ethics that you write about here. I would talk about the rumor, it speaks to your experience w the realities of field work. Anyway feel free to DM!
  3. They're *almost certainly* not accepting a Fall 2021 cohort. They've been very open about it within the dept (we're not talking about whispers, they have told us this at DGS mtgs) and I expect other NYU depts will do the same.
  4. I wouldn't rule yourself out based on your GPA -- people understand that non-US systems grade differently, and grade inflation in wild in the US. I'd email advisors you might like to work with and ask for their thoughts--your experience and publications might speak louder than a gpa number (in general put less emphasis on stats, the phd application process can be much more personal if you make the right connections).
  5. What do you understand the "tiers" to mean? If the point of the MA is to get into a good phd program, you are over-estimating how important it is to get your MA from a prestige school. To get a job, it helps, a lot, to get into a top phd program. To get into a phd program is a bit different--sure it might help to go to Columbia, but there is absolutely no way I would recommend paying that amount of $$ to get an MA. Especially in this climate. I would warn everyone to prepare for the real possibility that programs will be cutting cohort sizes enormously (some schools will not be accepting appli
  6. An ivy MA does not equal a high quality MA!! Don't think you need to go somewhere prestigious and fancy in order to do the work that will help you to get into top phd programs. Look for good potential MA advisors at low cost or funded MA programs. It's a little "alarm bells" to hear this stuff about top 15 programs blah blah blah--if you're in hist of sci, you need a good hist of sci advisor not an ivy stamp (and debt load).
  7. DM me about nyu if you want.
  8. I know that this is the case at other universities as well.
  9. OHSP


    If you're still weighing options, I can put you in touch with current NYU MA students. I would never pay that amount for an MA, personally, and I don't know how happy the MA are.
  10. This is a late reply but it's hard to offer advice without knowing what the well-respected private institution is. If it's NYU, feel free to email me. I have advisors in Am studies and took half of my coursework there, plus many of my friends are current students there and I have a lot of thoughts re the program/experience w the program.
  11. Schools can also have unofficial/unannounced waitlists. NYU introduced an official waitlist recently but, before that, people would sometimes receive the news that they'd been waitlisted + an offer of admission as late as April 15.
  12. If people have posted about receiving rejection letters and acceptance letters then chances are you on a quiet waitlist.
  13. OHSP


    Seconding @telkanuru. You also can't predict the relationship you'll have with your cohort, no matter its size. I get on well with my cohort but, tbh, rarely see them. Most of the people I consider friends and colleagues (and the people who are doing work that's most closely aligned with my own) are in other cohorts and/or departments. Cohorts also tend to part ways for research, which comes sooner than you realize, and then if you're still hanging about you'll need more of those "vertical" relationships to draw on anyway.
  14. Hopefully you get in anyway, but I wouldn't read anything into this--it's typically the case that you go through a manual procedure of setting up email access etc, and I can 100% believe that this would be a system glitch because they're pretty common. It's odd though--perhaps a reason to email the graduate administrator and ask when you might be hearing back.
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