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  1. I'm sending well wishes to this year's applicants as you struggle through the waiting process. It's a painful stretch of time, as I remember viscerally from my experience last year. I applied to five programs, was wait-listed at one Jan. 31, got four rejections in February, made peace with striking out, and then ultimately received an offer April 12. My experience with a wait list: Write to the DGS and your intended adviser to express your thanks and confirm your continued interest. I did this once upon initially being wait-listed and once in early March after I had all of my decisions. @idoitchicagostyle suggests above to send updates as each of your other results come in; I chose to send fewer emails and try to make each one count. To each their own. Ask questions of the DGS. How is the wait list organized? Ranked, by field, another way? How do they make decisions about wait list candidates? In their experience, when are students from the wait list typically notified? Can you arrange a visit to the campus or a video visit with a grad student involved in the recruitment process? Reach out to grad students. Ask questions about the program and the area (COL, availability of housing, opportunities for your partner and children, transportation, health/dental/vision/mental health care, etc.). What will you want to want to know when you're deciding (on short notice) whether to accept an offer and relocate? Whether in person or via Skype/email, ask your intended adviser if they have any feedback should you choose to apply again. Am I targeting the right programs? Who else in your department/the institution/The Academy Writ Large would you suggest I contact? You are asking to join their department as a junior colleague. Show that you respect their time, their process, and their feedback. If anyone has questions about Northwestern, message me and I'll do my best to help.
  2. In the past, I read almost exclusively on paper, but I know that won't work for graduate school for a variety of reasons. Do other students have advice on how to successfully make that transition? How do I retrain my brain to accept and incorporate information digitally, when I have so many years of associating learning with the tactile elements of reading on paper?
  3. I appreciate all the great advice in this thread thus far. @Sigaba, would you be willing to elaborate on this? My interpretation is that reading book reviews written by the author in question will 1. familiarize you with their writing style and 2. give you an idea of which debates they are a part of, which other authors they are in conversation with, etc. But if you had other benefits in mind, I'd be interested to hear them.
  4. Hi all! Starting a History PhD at NU, moving from Oregon in August-ish. Moment I thought you all would appreciate: I'm setting up my NU email address and laughing at the idea of having an expected graduation date.
  5. Balleu

    Applications 2019

    It feels completely surreal to say this, but I have accepted an offer from Northwestern. On my way home in the wee hours of Sunday morning, I said out loud to my partner, "I have fully accepted that in two days I'll get an email from them telling me that there's no space for me this year." Two minutes later, the offer email came in (at 2 AM Chicago time--deadlines don't respect normal sleep schedules). Even after everything I've put into this process, I still spent the day yesterday in deep reflection on whether I really, truly want to take this leap. I wanted to be sure that I was accepting their offer because it's the right one, not because it's the only one. Ultimately, this was the best option all along to support the work I want to do. Best of luck to everyone who's making a decision today, or waiting on one. I still can't quite believe it, but it's real.
  6. FWIW, I had phone calls with several professors at Yale HSHM. They all emphasized the close, flexible relationship between History and HSHM.
  7. Balleu

    Applications 2019

    Just emailed my LOR writers about my rejections. That might have been the most dispiriting moment of this process for me. I know they don't think of it as wasted time/effort/support, but it sure feels that way on my end. 😞
  8. Balleu

    Applications 2019

    Thanks everyone! I've been erring on the side of formal throughout the process, but have just been given extra-clear permission to switch.
  10. Balleu

    Applications 2019

    Does anyone else struggle with whether to switch to referring to professors by first names? I just tried to start an email with first names and then lost my nerve and switched back to Dr. So-and-so.
  11. Balleu

    Applications 2019

    Thanks for the support, I hope it works out too. My phrasing there ("courting" them) does imply more influence over the situation than I actually have. But I don't want to entirely sit back and wait either. I'm looking at the advice in this thread over in the English forum. I'll be reaching out to my POI and the DGS tomorrow to update them and reaffirm my interest. Depending on how that overture is received, I hope to visit in March. Worst case scenario, I went to Chicago in March. Best case scenario, I will be able to confidently accept should I receive an offer. Even though Northwestern is my only remaining option for this cycle, I know that I wouldn't be comfortable accepting an offer without visiting first.
  12. Balleu

    Applications 2019

    I just got my rejection from Cornell. It's a disappointment for sure, but I'm glad to have received decisions from all of my schools at this point. Time to start courting Northwestern to see if my wait list spot can turn into an offer.
  13. Probably a very obvious question: when you accept an offer, do you sign a contract? "Assurances" that aren't in writing can certainly be changed at will; but to what extent can "guarantees" from the initial offer be changed?
  14. Balleu

    Applications 2019

    Congrats @Nicator! Will you primarily be working with faculty in Classics or in History? Fingers crossed for you, @elx, @fortsibut, and other Cornell hopefuls.
  15. Balleu

    Applications 2019

    I sent a response when I got my wait list notification. Thank them for letting you know, confirm that you are excited about their program and want to be on the wait list, and assure them that you will keep them informed should your situation change. I haven't yet asked about my status on the list, but will be doing that early next week. Acknowledge that they may not have a ranked list, or may not be in a position to tell you any more than they already have, but that you'd appreciate any extra context they can give on their wait list process. @historygeek, Congratulations!! That's such great news about Villanova!
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