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  1. If I have RSVP for the recruitment weekend at A and B but after my first visit at A I have decided to accept its offer, will it be okay to cancel the visit at school B and decline school B’s offer even if the RSVP deadline for B has passed?
  2. aaaddd


    If the dinner for the admitted students is held at a prof's house, do we need to bring any gift...?
  3. aaaddd


    What would be the dress code for campus visit?
  4. Thanks for sharing. What are some red flags to look out for during the campus visit?
  5. Should I make decisions after campus visits?
  6. aaaddd


    Hi! This forum has been super helpful and I have learned a lot from the application process. As schools are sending out results, I would appreciate any advice on the decision making process. When we choose among different graduate programs, what are some important factors to be considered? What questions might be proper to ask during the campus visit? What made you decide to choose the program that you are currently in? Etc. Many thanks and wish everyone the best of luck!
  7. Does anyone know if Stanford has interviews?Thanks!
  8. I already did and they said they will manually change the status when they review my application...so I am assuming they have not read mine yet...?
  9. Mine still shows "materials needed" even though I have submitted everything the school required...
  10. Does anyone know if it is okay to ask POI when the admission decisions will be announced? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for sharing! Do you know when the final admission decisions will be released?
  12. I see. Thank you for your help!
  13. Thanks for sharing! Does Brown have interviews?
  14. Congratulations on your interview invitation and I hope it went well! Thanks for sharing this handy info. Could you please tell me if this date applies to all history applicants? Thanks a lot
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