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  1. DISAGREE. I did Columbia Med/Ren and it was AMAZING (Can't speak to the History-specific programs but there are multiple people from my program who did the LSE/Columbia program. I'm in a top 10 History program for late medieval/early modern. Everyone who who went to Columbia Med/Ren and chose to go onto a PhD program has gotten into top programs. NYC is obviously expensive, but all things being even, it's a tremendous program.
  2. I probably need half-way decent pics :/ Certainly not DH, digital edition quality, but decent enough.
  3. Hi folks! I've been using my phone's camera in archives, but it hasn't been cutting it. Does anyone have recommendations of a good camera for taking pictures of documents?
  4. A lot can be said for the collegiality of the dept. Last year, I was choosing between two top 10 programs, but one was slightly higher ranked. On the visit day for the better program, I saw that students hated each other, the professors, and the administration. 3 students said that they were transferring out to other programs because of the lack of support from their advisors. That was a HUGE red flag to me. 6th and 7th year funding also seemed to be incredibly contentious and competitive. I couldn't see myself being happy there for next 5-8 years. When I visited the program that I am no
  5. Wooo got into Penn!! It's my top choice!!! It's always sunny in Philly, indeed.
  6. Brown hasn't come out yet this year. Is this for last year? Sorry, I'm really confused which parts of your post is about this year vs last year. Edit: nvm, didn't see that date that this was for last year.
  7. 1000% agree. There is no downside to enthusiasm when it is genuine.
  8. The consortium is great, but only really for the schools that are close to each other (i.e. any of them that are in Manhattan). The logistics of it can get pretty awful. Occasionally you have people from Princeton at Columbia and vice versa, but it ALWAYS seems like a huge pain to get back and forth. Plus commuting can get really expensive--not every department covers it. Going from anywhere in Manhattan to Princeton is usually a subway ride, a Path train, and the Dinky both ways. Also, many of the schools are on different academic calendars, meaning that when your school has spring break, you
  9. Guys, there are other law jobs than just non-profits, gvt, and corporate, especially ones that can make $100k+: real estate, matrimonial, personal injury, etc. Pretty sure that Celino and Barnes didn't go to top law schools....
  10. To the Stanford admit: Congrats! What's your subspecialty/POI?
  11. I think that depends where you haven't heard from yet. If you look on the results page, no one has heard anything (either rejection or acceptance) from Harvard, Brown, Stanford, Cornell, and a bunch of other schools. As long as no one else has heard anything either from those schools, you could still get in.
  12. Decisions from schools on the west coast come out later in the day than schools on the east coast, right? Obvious, I know, but I just wanna make sure I don't shut off my computer at 5:00 if there's a chance I could still hear back from CA schools later in the day.
  13. Ugh! Better get my cleaning now while I still have insurance, then.
  14. Generally speaking does insurance for most schools also include dental and visual?
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