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  1. Karou

    Applications 2019

    That's such great news! Congratulations!!
  2. Karou

    Applications 2019

    That's wonderful to hear, so happy for you! I'm feeling good, but tired, and having a hard time readjusting with my rhythm here, but I think that's just a case of being tired from travelling, as I just got back on Sunday and I still have no idea what day it is haha. Overnight flights are a good idea in theory... but yeah not so much in practice. It's also the last week of term here so things are moving fast! I've probably said this several times already, but if I were a more organized person I would have applied to different schools than I did (Emory, Vanderbilt and NYU come to mind) but
  3. Karou

    Applications 2019

    Thank you @fordlandia, it's definitely a great feeling to have made the decision, and to go somewhere I'm very excited about! I'm assuming your visit went well also! Do you think you'll go to UT Austin? @elx, I meant to comment on that earlier but it slipped my mind, in regards to your 1-year program dilemma, if you do get into Oxford, I know it's possible for MSt students to transfer into the two-year program (I'm assuming since you're an Americanist you've applied to the History program (?) which also has a 2-year track. They've revamped the programs recently so it's a bit confusing, th
  4. Karou

    Applications 2019

    That's fantastic, congratulations! Feel free to PM me if you have questions about Oxford !
  5. Karou

    Applications 2019

    Thank you, it really did go well! I'm still a little jet lagged and it hasn't really sunk in yet, but I am genuinely thrilled. Duke is definitely the best possible place for me to get my PhD.
  6. Karou

    Applications 2019

    Amazing news @fordlandia, congratulations! On my end, I've officially committed to Duke, feels good to know where I'll be going! Now I get to do fun stuff like Visa paperwork. Yay.
  7. I just wanted to thank everyone for the fantastic advice in this thread! Taking some notes while I wait for my flight.
  8. Karou

    Applications 2019

    Thank you! Congratulations to you about the funding and making a decision, that’s such great news! Very happy for you.
  9. Karou

    Applications 2019

    It’s been a crazy week on my end so I haven’t checked in in a while but I wanted to congratulate everyone who got admitted/waitlisted/ made a decision!! Currently in NY waiting for my flight to Durham!
  10. That seems likely. Perhaps it's a case of POIs unofficially notifying applicants, and official letters haven't been sent yet? In any case, gods, I really hope it's neither of the options that you mentioned @halcyonday, either would be horribly cruel!
  11. Haha, I know what you mean, we're a pretty nice bunch over in History a well, and the results page is usually pretty tame aside from the occasional "Pfft I'm the most incredible person ever, why would these plebs reject me" (I mean the ones when they're *actually* being serious and think they're entitled to being admitted to every school. I really do appreciate the ironic takes on "it's their loss!"), which honestly I find kind of funny most of the time. I understand people being a little angry sometimes, but those really intense anger bursts make me so uncomfortable!
  12. Karou

    Applications 2019

    Aah, that's very soon! I hope the visit/interview goes really well, keep us posted!
  13. Karou

    Applications 2019

    Yes, I can confirm that Duke's visiting days are next week (February 26-28), @Carltonjacobs! If by UT, you meant UT Austin, perhaps @fordlandia can enlighten you.
  14. Thank you, I know I'm a good position right now so I'm not complaining, I just really want this whole thing to be over with. Gods, I hope NYU lets you know what's up before April! But you'll likely have heard from MA programs by then. When I was applying in the UK, York notified me within 10 days, which has effectively spoiled me for life in terms of having patience about these things. Oxford was very slow though (I heard late March I think), but each of their programs work very independently from one another, so you may hear sooner than that. Sorry I'm not really helping haha. Stay strong thr
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