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    Latin America, cultural history, late colonial period, Spanish Inquisition, afromexican/indigenous history, rural economy, law and enlightenment, Spanish empire.
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    2019 Fall
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    Latin American history PhD

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  1. Hello! I will be attending Temple in the History PhD program. Formermary, what religions do you study? As my name implies, I study the Spanish Inquisition and with that early modern Catholicism and law, and indigenous and afro-latino religious practice.
  2. I received my funding/TA position offer from Temple through my department a few weeks ago via email. It was very competitive, I was happy with it and accepted it. What department will you be in? I will be in history.
  3. I live in Philly, am an adjunct at Temple and will likely be doing my PhD there starting this fall. Cost of living here is very reasonable here and there is a lot to do all the time. I feel like both cities offer similar cultures and weather environments as they are fairly close. I'm happy at Temple so far, the faculty are all good and interested in their students and there is a community here. Just have to be careful in the surrounding neighborhoods, but you learn to navigate the city quickly.
  4. I'm going to hold out a glimmer of hope for Penn, but I already am an adjunct at Temple so it is likely I will stay on here. I like the environment and faculty and it's a great place for interdisciplinary and multicultural study.
  5. Congratulations fellow Latin Americanist!
  6. Looks like the wait list for me. I’m happy I got that far, Penn has a small and great program and the faculty I interviewed with were just so great. Looks like it’s Temple for me now! Anyone else going to Temple?
  7. We’ve been in pretty solid contact so I would feel pretty comfortable emailing them. Thank you. I’ve been in final review for at least a week so I’m still hopeful, and I haven’t gotten a rejection either.
  8. I see that UPenn rejection and waitlists have gone out. Has anyone gotten an offer yet? Or heard about if they host a visitors day too? My app is in final review and I can’t sleep I want to be there so much.
  9. I just graduated from UNR, good luck to all of you incoming. It’s a great school in a wonderful area. Especially if you like getting out into nature!
  10. That’s definitely ok! One of them had questions about my language preparation and goals, so I emailed with more of my language background, my goals for this year, and my goals long term. Then I asked a few more questions about language programs at the school and in the city, or partnerships with other schools for an indigenous language not offered. We had a good longer conversation about that one. The others we talked more about where our eresearch interests overlapped, new books that came out in our field this year, and even career mentorship. Emailing let us keep conversations open.
  11. I emailed the professors who interviewed me individually with follow up information and questions from my interviews. We have each continued conversations and, I feel, built a bit of a relationship so far. I haven’t gotten a department acceptance yet, but my prospective committee members did put me forward as their candidate in my field. I think it definitely helps and lets them know you are serious and dedicated.
  12. I got one acceptance from the grad program at school A (my safety school) in early February, but haven’t heard from my department yet. School B, my first choice, I have spoken with my potential committee several times over the month and everything seems like it’s going well and the last I heard last week they were moving ahead with my application for final approval from the grad committee so I’ve basically been having a panic attack since last Sunday until I know for sure. Everyone on my committee is perfect. The school is perfect. I want this approval. 😭
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