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  1. For anyone applying to Pitt: Decisions should be out sometime next week. Info I got was that committee is meeting this week, and then decisions will go to grad dean and be sent out, which means next week. Also, Pitt saw something a 50% increase in apps this year. So if you are rejected or waitlisted, know it may have just been the class of apps they received. Lastly, no Rediker does not really take students anymore. I’m a current Pitt grad student, so if anyone has questions, I’m happy to answer to the best of my ability
  2. Aithera

    Applications 2019

    Don't count your Texas chickens just yet. I was told by a current TX Ph.D. student that some profs want to meet/interview students before offering admission and some don't care to. So it isn't necessarily a bad sign if you weren't invited to the interview weekend.
  3. Aithera

    Applications 2019

    @Jericho Thanks! I guess it was fortuitous that I posted this morning, because I just got my acceptance
  4. Aithera

    Applications 2019

    Has anyone heard anything on Pitt? There seems to be one acceptance on the results page from Sunday but radio silence since then.
  5. Aithera

    Applications 2019

    Let the red flood begin
  6. Aithera

    Applications 2019

    My thoughts as well. At this stage, I'm considering it a presumed rejection
  7. Aithera

    Applications 2019

    To my knowledge, Harvard has already sent out all their acceptances, but not rejections. Not sure about waitlist though.
  8. Aithera

    Applications 2019

    Do you know how many interviews Pitt gave?
  9. Aithera

    Applications 2019

    Does anyone know anything about Pitt's process, or if they do a visitation day for admitted students?
  10. Aithera

    Applications 2019

    According to the results page, usually early March/late, late February
  11. Aithera

    Applications 2019

    Ask about things the website can't really tell you. What is student life like? Are there any history grad student associations? How often do their students present at conferences or publish? Are there opportunities to do those things, and is there any funding for them? How are GA's assigned? Do GA's usually hold office hours? Is there any grad student lounge/lab/study space? What are the demographics of the campus? (side note: this question usually allows you to glen some information about campus politics if you're interested and know how to listen for it). Are there opportunities for interdisciplinary work with other departments? etc... Mostly ask about things you're interested in. At this stage, W&M has said that they think you are a good fit for them, now you get to decide if *they* are a good fit for *you*.
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