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  1. I still haven't heard anything from YDS. I accepted my offer, but does anyone know when the school sends out more information? Probably after the decision deadline?
  2. Just accepted my offer to YDS, MAR- History of Christianity with full tuition. So excited! I do, however, feel for people still feeling the sting from rejections. That was me last year- 9 rejections and no acceptances. It hurts and it is hard and it was a really long year. This is just to say that I'm very grateful for the offer from YDS.
  3. Does anyone know if YDS has released the Marquand Scholar awards yet? I was accepted to YDS yesterday and received a financial aid email a few hours later saying that I have received full tuition, but I wasn't sure how many full tuition awards go out. In any case, I am so grateful and looking forward to studying with you admits!
  4. YDS decisions are out! Congratulations to those admitted!
  5. I went back to the application verification e-mail. It says that decisions will be posted to our application portal on March 15, 2020. Probably no reason to think they will go up any other time as it is specific.
  6. @rejectedndejectedI sure hope so! I know they must be flooded with COVID-19 concerns/issues.
  7. Way to go! I wish you all the best too!
  8. Congratulations to the Yale Religious Studies poster on an interview. If you claim it, which subfield did you apply for?
  9. @weakbutscrappy- who did you receive interview invitations from? Congratulations and wishing you the best on them!
  10. UVA decisions are in on the application portal. Well, that completes my 2019 application cycle. It has been really great to follow the comments here. I am sorely disappointed in the results, considering that I thought I was a competitive candidate. Thanks for all your insights and for sharing your experiences! Best of luck to all of you as you begin your new journies!
  11. Texas rejections are in. Obviously quite the disappointing application cycle, but you know what? I am in Disneyland. So for the next little bit, I am going to celebrate that I applied, got rejected, and still want to apply again next go-around. Happy weekend everyone!
  12. UT-Austin hasn't released acceptances yet. But, for me at least, it is still an implied rejection since they just finished their student visits yesterday for the candidates that they interviewed and invited. I asked the director of admissions at UVA yesterday when they anticipate notifications going out and he said "shortly," since all the decisions have been made. UVA sent out acceptances and waitlists about a month ago. So as far as the nine schools I applied to go, I am done and moving on to other things and getting ready for the next application cycle. Hope you hear back from your schools soon.
  13. Thanks! Penn State was my top choice so there is a good chance I will apply there again next time.
  14. I just received an e-mail notification from Penn State, so those of you that applied for the 19th-century United States program should be receiving your notifications soon!
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