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  1. Officially got my rejection after being waitlisted at Pitt today, they told me that they had a higher than usual number of applicants and a significantly higher than usual number of applicants that accepted their admission. Looks like it just wasn't meant to be for me this cycle. Congratulations to everyone who was accepted this cycle, I'm hopeful and excited to try again next year!
  2. I was told about 2 weeks ago that I was on the waitlist for Pitt and I know their deadline for admitted students to accept or decline their offers was yesterday. When would it be appropriate for me to follow up with them? I’m not sure what timeframe is normal after April 15th for them to accept or deny people from the waitlist.
  3. Got an email from Pitt today, I’m on the waitlist! It’s not an acceptance but it’s not a rejection so I’m feeling okay, keeping my fingers crossed to hear good news by April 15th!
  4. So the University of Pittsburgh said that they would be announcing admission & funding decisions around March 15th. I’ve heard nothing from them so far and I really would love any kind of an update but I don’t want to bother them or come off as disrespectful considering all of the chaos going on with the Coronavirus. When would be an appropriate time to reach out about an update, maybe closer to the end of this week or early next week?
  5. @Madrugada any updates for you from Pitt this week? Still radio silence for me. Pitt is technically still on spring break this week and all of the in-person classes for the whole university have been halted for the rest of the semester because of Coronavirus precautions, so I'm not too surprised I haven't heard anything this week but I was just curious.
  6. That's exactly how I feel! I'm trying not to assume the worst because silence is still better than an outright rejection but the wait has definitely been really difficult. On the department's website it says decisions on admission and financial aid for the program will be announced around March 15th, so at least it seems like we're close to knowing. Keeping my fingers crossed for us both!
  7. Same here, waiting on Pitt and haven't heard anything yet.
  8. I was one of the CMU postal service rejections on the results page, I just got the rejection letter in the mail and they never updated my portal or e-mailed me.
  9. Saw one acceptance yesterday on the results page for Pitt, but haven't heard anything myself yet. Starting to feel really nervous, but the only thing that's giving me some hope is a professor I was interested in working with that I met with a few months ago e-mailed me a few weeks ago saying that the Director of Graduate Studies for the department asked her to reach out to me regarding my application and asked me whether I would be willing to have her serve as my advisor. I replied back to her immediately and said yes and haven't heard anything back from her since, but took it as (hopefully) a
  10. I'm still waiting to hear back from the University of Pittsburgh, I got rejections from the other two schools I applied to.
  11. Any updates from the University of Pittsburgh for anyone? No updates so far on the results page, but it's the last school I'm waiting on and I'm just so anxious to hear any news!
  12. So sorry to hear that, I just got my rejection e-mail from UW too. Wishing you the best with the schools you’re still waiting on!
  13. Hoping to hear from Pitt this week! Fingers crossed 🤞
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