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  1. Just rejected from UCSB, but considering the COLA situation, I planned on taking another offer anyways. Congrats to those who were accepted!
  2. Same, hoping for good news for both of us soon, since campus visits are looking unlikely this year!
  3. Right, between the solitary February acceptance and today’s rejection I have no idea what to expect.
  4. The lonely Pitt rejection seems anomalous, anyone have any insight? 3 weeks ago the DGS told me that decisions were expected to be sent out within 2-3 weeks but I haven’t heard anything since.
  5. Same with UF, I had already purchased my plane ticket. Classes have not been cancelled yet, would it be bad form to contact my POIs and see if they’re amenable to meeting if I come anyway?
  6. I didn’t consider Rediker as a potential POI at Pitt for this reason as well as only marginal subject overlap between our fields, but Rediker’s work on pirates, specifically his “Under the Banner of King Death” and “History from Below the Waterline” articles were what originally inspired me to seriously pursue history as a career. If anyone is looking for something to read to pass some time between refreshing your inbox I highly recommend them.
  7. Thanks for sharing that, congrats on NYU.
  8. Anyone else a little bit mad that Harvard may have taken upwards of $300 million from foreign sources, yet still needed my $100 for my application? 🤣
  9. 7 rejections and 0 acceptances last cycle created this playlist https://open.spotify.com/user/1265061525/playlist/1W22aBwe37aSMaC7OBTJt6?si=TzlABv-VQSOML3TVVUAsBg This round is off to a considerably better start for me. Hang in there.
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