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  1. Not sure if anyone is still reading this but I've been accepted to William and Mary's PhD off their waitlist! I couldn't be happier!
  2. Yeah what @thisisnew said is accurate. Plus I just really enjoyed my visit there. Fingers crossed I get off the waitlist for PhD, or admitted to one of the other two I'm waiting on, but if not I'll just take the MA from W&M.
  3. The funny part is $12k is extremely cheap for an MA here. Higher education in the US is really a disaster.
  4. Thanks for that information! Based on this it seems like it's a lot of work to get funding for their MA, and considering I have a funded MA offer already (should nothing positive happen with the 2 schools I'm waiting on plus 1 on the wait list for PhD) I'll probably turn down the NYU offer. I really appreciate your input though!
  5. Thanks for the info! At face value it did seem like a cash cow to me so I'm glad to know that's not quite the case. However the decision was very specific, in fact it mentioned in two places, that there is no financial aid. Perhaps I misunderstood? It said "While our master's program does not offer financial aid or teaching opportunities..." and then later on "We regret to add that there are no fellowships or scholarships available to you through the Graduate School or your program." Based on that, is there another avenue students use to avoid paying tuition? Or do they in fact offer aid
  6. That NYU rejection really got me. I was prepared to be rejected, but when I opened the decision and saw "we are pleased to inform you..." I got so excited before reading "admission to the Master's program in world history." Sorry, but I don't have $60k to spend. That's kinda a big reason why I applied directly for PhD programs...
  7. Yeah a lot of schools seem to have that problem. I have no idea why they do it like this, but then again they don't expect us to be lingering around in a forum starved for the slightest morsel of information we can get from other applicants so they definitely don't see it as being as cruel as we do lol.
  8. I wait until they tell me it's ok to use their first name.
  9. Thank you! I think it encapsulates my love of early American history and also the fact that I am in so much pain over this waiting period!
  10. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I was waitlisted for the PhD at W&M and they already had admitted students day last weekend so if you haven't heard anything i think it's safe to presume rejection unfortunately.
  11. Yeah I know plenty of people that did the combined BA/MA route and ended up totally fine. I actually wish I knew my university offered it as an option when I had the chance because it would've made me much more competitive applying to PhD programs.
  12. From what I've heard there's nothing wrong with getting your MA and BA at the same institution (especially since there are many combined BA/MA programs now) and nothing wrong with getting your PhD and MA from the same institution (since the traditional path for academics is going to a combined MA/PhD program). What you don't want is your BA, MA, and PhD from the same institution because that indicates less academic diversity. I think the OP about this topic was talking about the possibility of getting their MA and PhD from the same institution as their BA.
  13. Seeing Georgetown admits come in I’m starting to get discouraged...
  14. Oh boy...just saw a rejection posted on the results page...time to crank that anxiety up to a ten.
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