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  1. Just wanted to share my personal experience with a similar issue from this past year, as I had been debating between submitting a paper that was unrelated to my field of interest (both in terms of geography and chronology), submitting the prospectus for my undergraduate thesis, or trying to write and submit a chapter of my thesis before deadlines. For what it's worth, I ultimately decided to submit the unrelated paper and, as @TMP recommends, spent considerable time and effort in my SOP to demonstrate familiarity with the historiography, etc. While this situation was not ideal and caused addit
  2. Hi, I'm one of the UVA admits! I'm focusing on early American/Atlantic World history.
  3. Does anyone want to claim the UIUC admit? Congrats!
  4. Hello! I'm applying to a mix of MA and MA/PhD programs for Atlantic history. I hope everyone is feeling prepared for those December deadlines!
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