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  1. My last two acceptances hit me right in a row. As I was about to leave work on Monday, I saw a message pop up in my email. I read it, silently freaked out, and ran down to call my mom from my car. As I was on the phone with my mother, I went back to the email to read it back to her, only to find another acceptance waiting in my inbox. I was so surprised that I swore loudly, not realizing my mom had me on speaker phone. Oops!
  2. e_randolph

    Advice for Fall 2020 Applicants

    I'm having a hard time determining what you're trying to say. But I think my advice stands. As I said, once you've submitted, STOP reading your submitted materials. If you haven't submitted, keep proofreading and sharpening your work. It's destructive to stew over materials you no longer have any control over, particularly during the month(s)-long waiting period.
  3. e_randolph

    Advice for Fall 2020 Applicants

    I'll parrot most of what has been said above. The keys to a strong application lie in the SOP and the writing sample. The SOP is your opportunity to elucidate not only what you want to study, but also how you want to study it. Absolutely tailor your SOP to each school (and probably more than tossing in an obligatory "I want to work with ..." sentence at the end). In the writing sample, clearly demonstrate your use of primary sources, but don't slough on analysis. Finally, don't leave anything on the table when you're applying -- proofread, write confidently and honestly, and secure strong rec letters. But, for the love of god, once you've submitted, STOP. Do NOT reread anything until you have a response in hand because you will inevitably find a typo and spend all your time obsessing over it. This process is capricious. There are things you can do to make yourself stand out, but it is not an exact science. Who knows which way the wind will blow from one year to the next? Be kind to yourself and remind yourself that your worth has nothing to do with any school's admissions decision.
  4. e_randolph

    Early Americanists!

    Madeira is an ICONIC choice. Unfortunately, when I was most recently at Mount Vernon, I was oppressively hungover and barely made it through his distillery and gristmill, to say nothing of drinking his whiskey.
  5. e_randolph

    Early Americanists!

    This is a judgment-free zone! Americanists supporting Americanists. So far we have a great array of interests! How’s everyone doing with the wait? I’m maintaining sanity solely by the grace of good American whisky, just like GW would have wanted.
  6. e_randolph

    Early Americanists!

    That's very kind! Yes, I suspect I'll have to to narrow my interests down quite a bit in advance of my dissertation. If you don't mind me asking, what're your primary interests? Affairs of Honor is WONDERFUL -- My first major project in undergraduate was roughly modeled after the way Freeman marries violence and politics in the book. She is such a skilled historian and I was lucky enough to meet her in the fall when she was giving book talks
  7. e_randolph

    Early Americanists!

    Your research sounds fascinating! Both spotlighting understudied experiences and focusing on understudied areas are such valuable tendencies. I'm trying to do something similar -- studying early American borderlands and urban centers through a political lens, especially focusing on the slaves, women, freedmen, farmers, and Indigenous people who bore the brunt of American expansion, both physically and ideologically. Right now, I'm reading Joanne Freeman's The Field of Blood, which I got my hands on this fall but am only tearing into now. As expected, it's amazing.
  8. e_randolph

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    Not sure whether NYU is sending out all responses, but I did get a waitlist email from the program admin fairly early this morning. Best of luck to both of you, hopefully they don't keep you waiting long!
  9. e_randolph

    Early Americanists!

    While we wait to hear back from the schools we've applied, and per an earlier suggestion in the Fall 2019 applicants thread, I thought it would be nice to have a place for early Americanists to congregate. If you fall into this category, I'd like to know what your research is -- or will be! What are you reading right now? Whose work have you learned from the most?
  10. e_randolph


  11. e_randolph

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    Also an early Americanist!
  12. e_randolph

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    @Karou I’d say don’t worry about the GRE scores. I shot them an email about it way back and I got a response from the admin there. She basically said not to stress and that the committee will consider your self-reported scores if they’ve still failed to match the scores when they review the applications.
  13. e_randolph

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    Hi all! This waiting period is an absolute nightmare so I had to share my good news. I got my first acceptance today from UVA through an email from their DGS with my prospective advisors CC’ed! Honestly, I’m relieved and thrilled.
  14. **BUMP** While I'm doing my best to maintain sanity during the wait for my rejections, I've loved reading about other people's success. Hopefully this will give the thread some exposure as 2019 acceptances start rolling in!
  15. e_randolph

    Will these GRE scores hurt my case?

    There are a lot of similar questions that have been asked on the forum that address this. It seems like the consensus is that GRE scores are usually the least considered part of the application. If you have a strong SOP, writing sample, and strong rec letters -- which it sounds like you do -- those carry significantly more weight than the scores themselves.

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