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  1. I was able to get 2 peer-reviewed publications out of my MPhil thesis, one of which served as my writing sample for my PhD applications. Obviously speak to your advisor to get their opinion, but from personal experience my Master's thesis did a lot for me personally and professionally and I'd heartily recommend it.
  2. Have you tried the official ETS books? I used them in conjunction with Magoosh and found them to be extremely helpful. Keep your chin up and make sure to get in a set amount of practice every day (even 15-30 minutes is great) and take another practice test in a few month or two to see where you're at.
  3. Congratulations on your BA! I had two publications going through the review process when I applied last year and they definitely helped my case a lot, but a) I had a masters and b) as is so often the case publications are just one of many factors that graduate committees take into account (as is, for that matter, your GPA). Your focus should probably be on your SOP and writing sample, along with languages, as TMP suggested. A publication/submission won't have a profound impact but will help to build your case. One important point though: not all publications are created equal. The reputation and ranking of the journal you intend to submit to matters a great deal - in my case the journals in question were either top tier or not far behind, as I'd had time to prepare and plan, while undergrad/grad journals carry far less heft. Some academics I've known even discourage grad students from submitting publications at all until they feel they are ready to go for better journals and I think there is merit to this view. Publications should demonstrate your ability to do high-level original work, and if your work is high-level and original then it should be submitted to a good journal in your field. If it gets rejected just take the feedback on board and submit to another one.
  4. Thanks for all that @DangerDave, very helpful! I'm relocating to Ithaca from Australia, planning to be there August 1st - hope to meet some of you when I get there.
  5. Nicator

    Applications 2019

    Accepted Cornell's offer. This Aussie is on his way to the US - woo!
  6. I'll ask - appreciate the advice
  7. From what I was told in the initial email they could only offer a certain amount of funding for the travel - nowhere near enough to get me there and back from Australia. Primary supervisor offered to Skype instead, which we'll do soon. Appreciate the heads up/advice though!
  8. Really wish I was able to attend Cornell's visit day. Unfortunately being Australian has its downsides. 😛
  9. Nicator

    Applications 2019

    Thanks so much (and to all the others as well)! The bulk of the faculty I'll be working with are members of both Classics and History, one of whom was the department chair of the latter up until 2017, but I expect the overwhelming majority of the non-language courses I take will be History based.
  10. Nicator

    Applications 2019

    I was away without access to a computer last week so couldn't post the news when I got it, but thrilled to say that I was accepted into Cornell! The PhD in History (Ancient History) result is mine. Still in shock, I never expected to get in!
  11. Nicator

    Applications 2019

    Thanks for the heads up - glad to know the wait is nearly over.
  12. Nicator

    Applications 2019

    If they roughly line up with previous years, people selected for interviews should hear next week. That might give us a better idea, although I have absolutely no idea if they interview as a matter of course or only for select candidates. Or maybe I'll just have to freeze myself for a few weeks. Fingers crossed!
  13. Nicator

    Applications 2019

    The wait is killing me!
  14. Nicator

    Applications 2019

    I applied to Harvard's PhD in Ancient History (part of the Classics department, not History) and received the same email. Definitely looks like a blanket email
  15. Nicator

    Applications 2019

    I used single spacing for all my applications, with my Cornell SOP coming to 969 words (a little longer than I'd originally planned), but it did fit neatly into 2 pages. I don't think it will matter - they're not going to torpedo an otherwise talented applicant over line spacing!
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