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  1. wired

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    Thanks!! Much appreciated
  2. wired

    No thesis

    Hi all, I'm in the early stages of this application process. I was unable to do a thesis my senior year of college unfortunately (for family/medical reasons). I did very well on the GRE and had a great GPA, assuming that I can get pretty decent LORs as well. Is it not advisable to apply to PhD programs if I don't have a thesis under my belt already? I'd rather not waste money on applications that will immediately disqualify me for that. I'm reluctant to do an MA as it could potentially put me in debt and I already have a BA in anthro so it wouldn't really change any employment prospects i
  3. If it helps, I'm fluent in Hebrew and know some Chinese as well.
  4. Hey everybody! This forum has been such a valuable resource these past few months (even though I'm not applying to grad schools for at least another year). I'm interested in participating in some sort of ethnographic field school this summer, though I'm having issues with researching them. Most that I've found seem to be in Central/South America and require applicants to be proficient in Spanish (which I definitely am not!), and I have more of an interest in the Asia-Pacific region. Do any of you have information on programs that don't require prior Spanish knowledge or that are offer
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