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  1. I have been put "on reserve" for Commonwealth Shared Scholarship. Does "on reserve" mean waitlisted? My program is MPhil in Education.
  2. Has anyone here done or know about the EGID MPhil at Cambridge University? What kind of topics are generally selected for theses and what is the experience of students during the thesis research? What do students generally go on to do? Does the course give a good foundation for pursuing PhD in Education later?
  3. Hello! The first thing I would tell someone when they ask "where to start" is, why they had this thought of doing a PhD in the first place. You seem to already know that. The next step I would say is to get more specific about exactly what you want to research and your reasons. It is different for everyone. Since you haven't provided too many details, it is difficult to suggest any specific direction you can proceed in. Feel free to message me if you want to talk.
  4. To all masters applicants at Cambridge, when can one expect decisions for Cambridge Trust scholarships after acceptance? How is the applicant informed? Has anyone received a decision in this cycle? Where I am right now: received acceptance for MPhil in Faculty of Education after interview in late January. I am from India and applied to all Cambridge Trust scholarships I am eligible for, EXCEPT Gates-Cambridge. If there is someone from similar background and/or applying to Education, I'd really appreciate your help.
  5. Hello, I got an invitation for MPhil at Cambridge. What about you?
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