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    This was my first time applying, the reason I only applied to two programs was because I just plain out did not think I would get admitted anywhere and was hoping to take this year as a practice round because I heard many people take multiple tries. The adviser at Case is a subject matter expert in the field that I hope to pursue, he is definitely the better fit for my graduate experience as he is definitely more involved in the community and told me that if I began school there I would be immersed in local research projects and opportunities, which is exactly what I'm looking for. In comparison to the alabama, adviser who is more of a medical anthropologist. I have not spoken with my POIs since before the application process, should I reach out to them for advice on deciding is that not awkward or anything?
  2. gradanth


    What do you guys think? I got admitted to two programs, one which is offering me the full package for funding at u of alabama for an MA, and case western thats offering me nothing but is for an mph/phd. I want to definitely get my mph in my career and my doctorate, so case would be great in that its everything in one program. As amazing as the package from alabama is, it is only a masters, and as a poc from southern california I don't know how well I will acclimate to the cultural change. However, it is only a two year program, and I am hoping that after two years I will apply to doctoral programs back on the west coast. When I spoke with the department head at case, he said that funding could possibly be distributed next year. Is it worth putting my self into debt to go to my dream school and dream program? Need some serious advice
  3. Just got accepted to the MPH/PhD program at Case Western! Anyone know when we'll hear about funding?
  4. Looking for an anthropological fresh set of eyes on my SOP, direct message me if you are willing to be of assistance! Need recommendations on 1. How much do I need to describe my experience, if its already on my CV? 2. Do I need to cite my references in the SOP?
  5. Hi if anyone would be willing to send me an example of their SOP I would be very appreciative! I'm having a bit of trouble because I'm unsure if I should be writing 4 different SOP with thesis ideas geared to each program. I know that each SOP needs to be unique to the program I am applying to, but to what degree should they be shaped. Some of my programs have a geographical focus should I reframe my SOP to embody that. I know I am a bit late to having my SOP ready. Also if anyone would be available for a possible phone or skype call to answer some questions that would also be amazing. Wishing everyone the best!
  6. I have run into a little problem with my LORs. One of my professors who promised me a LOR earlier this year actually retired, and have been trying to send her emails throughout the year without success. Which I assume is because she is retired and probably does not check her email anymore. I am friends with her on Facebook and was wondering if it was appropriate to message her on FB? Also just my luck, a professor that I had been taking courses with since freshmen year moved to the School of Advanced Research last year, so it has also been incredibly difficult to get into contact with him. I do have high level supervisors at my current work that is incredibly relevant to my research interests that are more than willing to write me a LOR, but I was wondering if this is alright? This would mean my LOR would come from one anthropologist, and two public health workers? Should I actively bother my retired professor or?
  7. Hi all! I decided against applying last season because I just did not feel prepared and thought I would give myself a year to mature and grow a bit but I feel like that was a mistake because now I feel more lost than before. Was looking to possibly get in contact with someone from this page to answer some questions and alleviate some fears I have!!I graduated last year and am really unsure about what steps I need to take to become a more qualified applicant.
  8. Hi all! Just wanted some general advice and had some questions that I would love answered! I just graduated this past spring and really really want to pursue a phd in applied anthro with a research focus on substance use amongst indigenous population. but I just really do not think i am qualified enough as an applicant to apply this year. I was wondering how I can take the next year to better myself as a candidate? I graduated with a 3.5, my gre scores are in the low 160s, I'm working on publishing one paper on substance abuse. but thats basically it. What recommendations do you guys have that will allow me to gain more experience and just be a better candidate to apply!
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