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  1. Anyone heard anything from CUNY? I had gotten nothing from them so I finally inquired a week ago to my potential adviser (who is also on the admissions committee). He said that they'd only extended two offers of admission thus far (for 7 total funded spots) and implied that neither of them had accepted at this point and they were waiting for the April 15 deadline before pulling the trigger on the waitlist. He was very prompt in answering my email (sent it a bit before midnight and had a response early the next morning 8 hours later or so). He said my application was "competitive and still in t
  2. Just got a rejection from NYU. I suppose an online profile and an email address on their portal genuinely doesn't mean anything. I wonder how much longer I'll have access to their online resources.
  3. Out of curiosity, I'd tested out the UID to see if it would do anything on the net ID portal with this link after hitting the 'don't know netid' option on the top right. It gave me one, and from there allowed me to log in to an online profile. I'm skeptical that it actually means anything but I now have access to the course explorer, online library, student housing info, etc. https://start.nyu.edu/ibin/start0.cgi
  4. I logged into the NYU Home page and went to profile. An email with my initials was displayed under it.
  5. So I've looked around on the NYU portal and have found that I have an entire profile and assigned email address set up despite having no response on my application yet. I have full access to their online library archives and everything. Is this standard NYU practice or is this a hint of acceptance? If the former, why on earth do they assign emails, netid, and UID numbers before even accepting you?
  6. late 19th century- early 20th American political and immigration history with a transatlantic focus
  7. Waiting on NYU still as well. So far I'm 3 rejections for my five apps. Hope to hell either NYU or UPenn pull through.
  8. Has anyone else rejected by Columbia now gotten a follow up email to invite you to transfer your phd application to certain master's programs in the fall? This is the only school that's done this for me thus far.
  9. Just got a rejection from Columbia. Maybe a dumb question but are the individual rejection letters personalized at all to your application? They make it sound like I was really on the line on whether to admit or not, using the term "unique individuals like you", that I was given "the most careful consideration" and that the department spent a lot of time on my app. Does this mean anything to how they perceived my app in particular or is this the standard copy paste response every dejected misfit gets?
  10. Is it common practice for Yale's department to interview PhD candidates? I know it's broadly uncommon for history to conduct interviews and didn't think Yale was any different. Now I'm nervous because I applied last month there with an American focus and have had no contact from them as of yet.
  11. I'll be applying for probably around ten PhD programs this December. I'm curious about the place of language comprehension on the applications. English is the only language I have fluency in, but I have beginner to intermediate level comprehension of a few other languages, and used French-language scholarship to write a paper in undergrad once. I understand the basics of grammar and a lot of vocab in these languages, but I don't have speaking fluency in them and often need a translator or dictionary to look up certain terms. Can I put languages like French, Russian, Irish, and Bulgarian on an
  12. Hi all. I'm recently graduated with a BA in History from an R1 school. My major GPA was solid at around a 3.7, while my overall GPA was lagging behind at around a 3.1 thanks to certain STEM courses I probably should have avoided. I did however show a solid upward trend the last two semesters of undergrad. I'm applying for around ten top-ranked PhD programs on the East Coast this winter (all top 20, hopefully not a reach) and am trying to pad my application a little bit with good letters of recommendation (not a worry at all for me), a competent GRE score, and a publication of one of my undergr
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