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  1. I looked at placement of grads, the funding structure, and the general atmosphere of the department.
  2. Accepted my offer from Oregon today. Good luck to everyone else.
  3. For anyone curious, offers are being made to folks on the waitlist at Oregon. Can confirm two offers went out today to waitlisted folks per my discussions with the DGS. Good luck to everyone still on the waitlist at their dream schools.
  4. Okay I don't want to be morbid or anything, but I really need help. Anyone have any advice for addressing that nagging thought in the back of your mind that tells you you aren't good enough to be a sociologist? I honestly believe right now I'm going to look back on my Wisconsin rejection and always feel that everything I do academically will have that shadow cast on it; even if it's not visible to anyone else,, it's a heavy heavy shadow. I need help, advice, or general good vibes. I don't want to feel this way, but I'm so scared of regretting my choice in attending a program like I
  5. I feel like this question becomes more complicated depending on the field people are entering. Sure sociology programs are known for their work on inequality, demography, and (insert other concentration of your choice), but some fields of the discipline don't enjoy as much institutional support. Environmental sociology, which is one of my primary interests, is a good example of this. There are very few top 20 programs that have an environmental speciality (Wisconsin is the only program in the top 10 that has environmental sociology as a core research area, and Arizona, Maryland, and Brown are
  6. I know I asked this earlier and it seems that the thread is dying down as people contemplate their offers and what not, but if you're going into environmental soc, environmental justice, inequality, community sociology, sociology of agriculture, or rural sociology, feel free to PM me so we can connect! I wanna make sure that I can help support the folks who have supported me through these tumultuous times!
  7. Anyone in the thread thinking of going into environmental justice? If so I'd like to talk with you and see how you're making decisions related to your acceptances.
  8. Working in North Carolina on finishing up data collection for my thesis. 17 interviews down, 8 to go. Got notified I got accepted and funded at Penn State, but it's in rural sociology and not the soc & crim department proper so I'll have to do a lot of thinking.
  9. As if it wasn't already obvious, I got not one but two emails today from Wisconsin informing me I've been rejected. But we've been knew about that rejection!
  10. Story time - tonight I finally got to attend a meeting for an organization that I’ve been trying to get in with for months for my thesis. And I managed to sit next to a PhD student from UCSB who was also at the same meeting taking ethnographic notes! What a small world!
  11. Thank you! It’s no Brown, but it’s the whole “a great advisor can overcome a lower ranked institution” thing you know? Shriver is so great.
  12. Got an email last night with an acceptance at Utah, with funding TBD.
  13. Updating folks since I’ve been gone for what feels like forever - still no word for me from Penn State or Utah. Hoping that I’ll advance off the Oregon waitlist but I’m excited about the prospect of NCSU because Tom Shriver offered to be my advisor, and he’s one of the greats in EJ, so that’s just really really exciting. Currently in North Carolina collecting thesis data - good vibes appreciated!
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