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  1. iwearflowers

    How Often Do Grad Students Get Paid?

    Based on the presentation my school had me sit through, the lump sum might put you in a different bracket but it doesn't affect the kind of income it's considered. That's determined by the kind of position you have (fellowship, assistantship, etc). I found this article really helpful: http://pfforphds.com/prepare-grad-student-tax-return/
  2. iwearflowers

    Loans in Grad School

    This is a better idea. Assuming an interest rate of 6.13% (current rate for Grad PLUS loans), you'll owe about $1800 of interest after 5 years. A credit card would have less risk, and you can always get a loan to pay off the balance after the fact.
  3. iwearflowers

    Loans in Grad School

    If you do this, shop around for a savings account with a high interest rate and no fees. That will help with paying back the interest once you’re ready.
  4. iwearflowers

    Do I need to grow out my buzzcut?

    At least one person in my masters (MPH) cohort had a buzz cut, although she grew it out into a pixie before she started job hunting. I think it’s probably dependent on the department culture. If you have any connections with current students, you could always ask. Also, as someone with a disconnected undercut and fuschia highlights, I’ve found that I’m usually okay if I dress a little more formally than I might otherwise. So instead of jeans and a T-shirt, try jeans and a nice top, jeans and a button up, or jeans and a plain tee with a blazer. Make sure your clothes are clean and un wrinkled, etc. A buzz cut may stand out more in Alabama, but on a college campus (or in a college town) you’re unlikely to be the only person with a funky haircut. If you’re worried about your safety, contact someone in student services and ask them if you’re likely to get harassed. They should have a good feel for the culture. If there is an office that deals specifically with LGBT issues, they’ll definitely know. (I realize you don’t mention your sexuality in your post, but gender non-conforming queer women and non binary people often have similar concerns so an office of LGBT life or similar may be more attuned to these issues and aware of previous problems.)
  5. iwearflowers

    Useful books to read before starting PhD?

    Good thread! A friend of mine who is ABD sent me The Professor is In as a congratulations present when I chose a school. She was required to read it as part of a job hunting class they have to take, and she said she wished she had read it sooner. I'm also reading Getting What You Came For, which is a bit dated in terms of technology but has a lot of very clear information about how a PhD is structured and how you can set yourself up for success.
  6. iwearflowers

    A NONPROFIT Employee Going Back to School

    If you haven't done so already, I would actually talk to the nonprofit you work for and see if they have any thoughts. Also, take a look at the CVs of people in the kinds of positions you're interested in and see if they list any funding sources or scholarships. Finally, if you are part of any professional organizations, they may have fellowships or scholarships available.
  7. If you know who the PI is, take a look at what kind of research that person typically does by looking at their department profile and articles they've published. That should give you a sense of the content area and methods they typically focus on.
  8. iwearflowers

    Waiting on Reimbursement - Reach Out Or Let It Go?

    University finance departments are SO slow. I work for a nonprofit that sometimes contracts with universities, and getting their paperwork together is like pulling teeth. That being said, I would follow up one more time and copy the person who gave you this person’s name. Clearly state that you are following up again because you haven’t heard back and want to confirm that your paperwork is all correct. Your departmental contacts are typically your best advocate when you have to deal with the rest of the school’s administrative system. They can help you escalate issues and get them dealt with more quickly.
  9. iwearflowers

    Rescinded Offer - Trying Not to Freak Out

    Since the dean’s assistant is out today, it might be worth contacting someone in your department to let them know about the issue and make sure they know you submitted your paperwork on time.
  10. I got an AirBnB in Amherst last summer, and it was amazing. Cute, quiet little college town. Most of the students were away because of summer break. Tons of shops and cafes downtown, and most of it was within walking distance of where I stayed. There are some fun museums and such on campus and tons of quiet places to write.
  11. Maybe you could break the summer up into chunks? Take the first part completely off and then slowly introduce more stress/structure? Also, make some lists of things you’d like to do with your time off - everything from sleeping in to movies or tv shows you want to watch to hobbies you want to spend time on. Maybe plan some short trips or play tourist in your home city. As a goal driven person, you may find it hard to relax without a plan and some goals! If you have the resources, consider seeing a therapist. They could help you find some balance and deal with the transition. They can also help you build the skills and awareness to avoid burning out during your PhD program. Good luck, enjoy your summer, and congratulations on your achievements!
  12. iwearflowers

    Dogs and Graduate School

    A friend who graduated a couple of years ago insists that at the beginning of their program every grad student should be assigned a personal assistant, a therapist, and an emotional support animal of their choice. Get your dog!
  13. iwearflowers

    Contacting Potential Faculty

    This is a good way to get a better sense of the department and what they're looking for. It will also help you know whether your POIs are taking on new students and whether they are actually people you would work well with. (I spoke to one POI that I REALLY didn't click with over the phone, which ended up influencing my final decision.) An adjunct professor I work with advised me to keep things fairly short and make my "ask" very clear because professors get a lot of these types of emails. I hate cold-calling people, so I did some research and put together a template of sorts based on examples I found online: Dear Dr. [NAME], I am applying to the [DEGREE] program in [SUBJECT] for [SEMESTER], and I wanted to reach out to introduce myself. [2-3 sentences about your background and experience. It doesn't need to be extensive, because you should also attach your resume.] [1 sentence about where you would like your research to go.] I recently read some of your work on . [Mention one or two of their recent articles and find a way to connect it to your interests or experience. You could ask a question or provide some analysis if you want. Again, KEEP IT BRIEF!] I would love to discuss your research further by phone, videoconference, or email. (My information is in the attached CV and below.) I’d also love to work with you at [SCHOOL] if I am accepted. Sincerely, [NAME] [PHONE] Here is a fleshed-out example: Dear Dr. [NAME], I am applying to the PhD program in [program] for fall 2018, and I am interested in your work. I am currently a [job title] at [organization], a non-profit professional services firm specializing in social sciences research. My previous and current research experience includes [topics of previous work]. Over the course of my career, I hope to explore [brief statement of interests]. I am particularly interested in your work around opioid use in pregnant women. I am currently working on a project focused on expanding OUD treatment in rural areas of [state], where we’ve found that rural primary care providers are often not well educated about evidence-based treatments such as MAT or addiction treatment in general, despite the high levels of overdose deaths in that state. I wonder if you have done any work around provider knowledge and attitudes around substance use during pregnancy? I was quite shocked by the findings of your article in Women’s Health Issues that pregnant women who reported nonmedical opioid use were typically obtaining opioids from a physician, and I thought it seemed like a topic that needed exploration from the provider perspective. I would love to discuss your research further, by phone, videoconference, or email. (My information is in the attached CV and in my signature below.) I’d also love to work with you at [school] if you’re taking graduate students for the coming year. Your CV suggests that you are currently advising several students, but I’m hoping you’ll have room for at least one more! Sincerely, I sent an initial email then followed up a week later if I didn't get a response with "Dear Dr. [NAME] - I just wanted to circle back on this in case it fell off your radar or initially went into a junk folder."
  14. iwearflowers

    Washington, DC and Maryland suburbs

    @kaban2018 - I've lived in the GWU neighborhood for the last three years because my office is nearby. The DC rental market turns over pretty fast. They only require 30 days notice to vacate, and your landlord is required to allow you to go month-to-month after your initial lease is up. Craigslist is the best way to search for housing (that I've found), but beware of scams. Don't trust anyone who says they can't show you the place but can send you pictures, and be aware that anything that seems too good to be true probably is. When I moved to DC I sublet for 2 or 3 months to give me some time to get settled. That being said, most rentals come available in May and August as students and interns are moving in and out, so you should be right on time! There are a lot of studios in Foggy Bottom, but they tend to be a bit pricey. You can also rent a room in a shared house, which tends to be cheaper. You also may find better deals in Glover Park or Burleith-Hillandale, which are just north of Georgetown. There is reliable bus service between these neighborhoods and GWU/Foggy Bottom.
  15. iwearflowers

    Sociology Scholars and Briggs Myer Personality Types

    INFP! But the P is pretty weak.

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