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  1. I failed my first exam in my Statistics course (doing my MS in statistics so this is supposed to be an intro core course). Thankfully, My professor drops the lowest test grade, so I know the grade won't really hurt me. What's hurting more right now is my self-confidence. I've been dealing with a lot of anxiety since graduate school has started (feelings of inadequacy, Imposter syndrome...the good stuff), so this feels like it's just confirming my fears that I am not smart enough to be here. How do I bounce back? Anybody else fail their first exams in grad school? How did you cope?
  2. Sigaba, so you think I should try to ask for a better desk before quitting? It took them 3 months after I got them the appropriate medical notes and after I had to file for disability to get the initial set up. I’m worried that by the time they get this fixed (if they do), my health will already be much worse again. The desk set up has caused significant damage to my shoulders and nerves in my hands (loss of feeling in my hands and weakness in my fingers as a result). It could lead to permanent nerve damage if my nerves stay pinched for too long. I have already brought up the
  3. Sigaba, all sound advice. I actually am doing a lot of these things already. I put an order through HR to get a standing desk and got one, and I am doing both physical therapy and Chiropractic work as well as meditation to try to mitigate all of the damage that's happening to my body. Unfortunately, the desk I received was too big for me (I'm just shy of 5'0) and when I brought this up to HR, they were less than receptive. I feel I have done what I can do at this point to try and get better, short of quitting my job. You're right, though, the financial hit will be significant. I will lik
  4. Is it worthwhile to quit my job to focus fully on my master's degree? My master's is currently unfunded, but I have a decent amount in savings and plan to hopefully work a part-time job to offset any loans I may have to take out. My undergrad was in Psychology, and I made the jump to Statistics and CS and the transition has been difficult, but I love it. My current job is unrelated to my field, but it is flexible and is funding my education, which is a huge incentive to stay. However, balancing both graduate school and full-time work is taking a toll on my mental and physical health. I ha
  5. Hello all! First time posting here. I guess I'm looking for some sort of advice from other students who have applied to (and hopefully been accepted into) an MS in applied statistics coming from a non-traditional background. I graduated with a BS in Psychology with a concentration in neuroscience. I didn't get much exposure to mathematics in my undergrad because I was under the impression that I wanted to go into clinical psychology and become a psychologist. At the time, I was uninterested in research and academia. Once I graduated, I was able to land a job related to my field as an EEG
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