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MS Applied Statistics (non-trad background)


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Hello all!

First time posting here. I guess I'm looking for some sort of advice from other students who have applied to (and hopefully been accepted into) an MS in applied statistics coming from a non-traditional background.

I graduated with a BS in Psychology with a concentration in neuroscience. I didn't get much exposure to mathematics in my undergrad because I was under the impression that I wanted to go into clinical psychology and become a psychologist. At the time, I was uninterested in research and academia. Once I graduated, I was able to land a job related to my field as an EEG technologist. At this time, I found that I absolutely loved working with neuroimaging data and in research in general. After some soul searching, I realized I wanted to get my masters in statistics and eventually pursue a PhD (still unsure if I want to pursue the PhD in Biostats, Cognitive Science, or Neuroscience, but that's an issue for another time). 

Fast forward 6 months. I have began taking the Calculus series and will be finishing that up along with linear algebra this coming spring (have been receiving A's in all of them so far). I reached out to a researcher who is doing some work with neuroimaging and have been working with him and learning how to process the data over the last 6 months. I might be getting a job offer from them soon which would mean I can focus on data analysis and statistics full-time! I've been managing all of this while working full-time which has been challenging, but I am also the happiest I have been in a long time. I've uncovered a hidden love for mathematics within myself that I honestly never thought existed. I have already reached out to a couple of advisers within programs that I'll be applying to and they seem willing to take on students from a different background. The biggest issue at this point has been self-doubt. I keep thinking to myself that I am not smart enough to get into this field, or that I don't really deserve the grades I've been getting, or that it's too late to make a career change. 

Anybody else have experiences applying for a different masters program or navigating a career change? Any advice for someone applying from a non-traditional background? I am also a female, and I have heard that sometimes getting into statistics programs as a female can be easier? I'm unsure if this is true, can anyone validate this?

My apologies if this post is a little all over the place. My mind is nearly constantly in a state of excitement about the future and anxiety about how my unrelated background might make it difficult to break into this field. My current schedule also makes making time for sleep difficult. :P


Any and all advice would be appreciated!

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