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  1. Hi everyone, I am preparing to begin a two-year Master's program in the Fall. The first year of this program is centered around the learning the programs, effective research methods, and anythings else that serves as the foundations of this field. After, we begin our second year with a thesis proposal, and the following semester we carry out our thesis to completion (for a total of 1 to 1.5 semesters of work). I have a thorough undergraduate project that I completed last semester that I think can easily be expanded into a full-fledged Master's research thesis. However, right now it's my backup plan. I am curious if anyone of you have ever continued a project from undergrad as a Master's project, and whether or not you would recommend doing it or not?
  2. Can y'all give us an overview of the state of the program? I'd rather hear 3 opinions than 1. I was admitted last Friday, and know someone personally who went the program (~5 to 6 years ago) that swears it was a great experience.
  3. First, congrats! I just received acceptance form CMU too (as well as Ga Tech, still waiting on UW). I think you touch on the pro's of UW's program. Add the fact that is only 11 months vs CMU's 12... which isn't much of a deal but should factor into living expenses. UW's program was actually founded by CMU grads, so the experience is probably going to be similar. If anything, I think UW's is more focused on theory. CMU's 8 month capstone is meant to totally simulate a real world project with an industry sponsor, and the first part of the curriculum is devoted to the practical skills of HCI (e.g. programming). Having said that, when I had my interview with CMU last month I was told that the job placement rate was like 95% (may be a bit off here). It looks like you'll have a better shot (although not much better) at landing at a large tech company with CMU.
  4. I have not heard anything, and based on the results post here it looks like they're typically a bit slower to get decisions out
  5. If you crush the GRE, you shouldn't have to worry about you"low" GPA. Also, look into what the average accepted gpa is. If it's around, say, a 3.5 then you know they must admit below that in many cases. I thought I didn't have a chance with my gpa (3.27), but have been accepted to the 1st and 2nd schools in my field, so there's that!
  6. That is my initial approach, but my question is more about how it looks to only attend each for one day. Think this would be in bad taste?
  7. My 2nd choice is an hour a half drive from the school I'm currently attending. My 1st choice is a ~12 hour drive. Being that my 2nd choice is in a major city, I have the opportunity to fly from there to my 1st (it's only a 2 hour flight).
  8. I've been admitted to my 1st and 2nd choices of grad school, but unfortunately the admitted student visit days overlap. I'd like to attend each for one day, but am unsure of how this would come across. Should I try to split it, or just attend my first choice?
  9. Excited to say I've been admitted to CMU's HCI program, too! It's a shame that the visit day overlaps with GT. How do you think they would feel about one day at each? Or is that a faux pas?
  10. I don't necessarily think it would hurt you, but on the other hand, it certainly won't help you be admitted. Maybe ask in a more innocuous and tactful way - i.e. what active research are you doing, and is there a chance I can be of assistance? I wouldn't outright ask about something for your benefit, rather, pose it in such a way that you are eager and willing to help should the opportunity present itself. This will avoid the perception of you only being interested in this school for financial reasons, and make you appear more interested in the ongoing work.
  11. It went well for the most part. Definitely could have been more thorough on answering some of the questions though ha. I believe they interview more than most schools so I'm feeling the same way. Certainly a good sign though.
  12. I was just accepted to Ga Tech's MSHCI (ID track) program over the weekend. Pretty sure my internship experience compensated for my low gpa. I did a year internship with a major corporation, then a semester with another, bigger corporation. Also had an interview with CMU last week. Anyone heard back or want to tell how your interview with them went?
  13. Currently reanalyzing every second of a recent online (Zoom) interview I had with a top tier Human-Computer Interaction school. The thing I'm internally deliberating is whether or not I should have worn a suit for this online interview. I dressed business casual (clean white button up with sweater on top, and nice glasses, clean cut appearance etc.). For context, this program is considered more of a professional preparation program rather than an academic focus (yet being at the school it is, academic play a major role). Also, I'm a male. I've just been accepted into a very well known HCI school, so my anxiety has subsided a bit. What are your opinions on dress code for online interviews?
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